Mannequins W/ (with)


I got my O_c from user ‘holovicc’ over at MW. He made the panel himself.


Wow, that does look rather good. Rabid Elephant flew over my rader. Their LPG looks great too.

Thanks for the GAS :ok_hand:


This was a fun and really concise TT script I used to jump around in Nav mode adjusting the tape speed on each Metro. I utilized a telex output only for the ease of negative CV values. Adding duplicate values into the pattern was an easy way to bias the output towards the forward 100% speed and direction. Once a loop is going on your w/ jump to nav mode and patch Telex CV1 to THAT. Param adjusts metro speed.

M / PRM 164

PN 3:


I don’t know if this issue has been reported before, but my newly acquired W/ misbehaves really bad when I control playback speed/forward reverse with an offset from Mutable I. Shades into “that” in NAV mode.
As you can see in the video when I reach zerobase and try to reverse the loop it freaks out. Just a second after I stopped filming the noise turned even worse… BTW second cable from Shades goes into “This” input on W/ controlling the cue point. In the video this is offset is NOT changes.


Having some difficulty getting mine to turn back on, after trying to clear tapes. Now I just get an orange flashing light above record…ejecting sd, powercycling…nothing is getting it going again.:frowning:


Total bummer.

Have you been able to successfully clear the tapes before now? And what happens when you press the record Button? Hope you can get this squared away.


Yeah I had been clearing tapes until now, now just…nothing. No response to anything. Only an orange flashing light. I’ve got my fingers crossed for an email back from support.


That takes my original ideas out of the picture. total shots in the dark; I wonder what boot loader mode looks like(I’m too sissy to find out at the moment) Or can you load IZZY upon startup? Im officially out of ideas now. Hopefully support saves the day!


Unfortunately can’t load Izzy, or anything, with any kind of reboot/keycombo button mash. I wasn’t really feeling /w …this feels like a the proverbial back-breaking straw :frowning: I heard back from them briefly, but it has gone quiet again.


welp. one of mine is screwed so tight that the down toggle doesn’t work and the other is so loose that it freely swings back and forth in the rack and i feel uncomfortable plugging anything into it.


I had the “Down Toggle” problem as well. After contacting, I was able to send it in for repairs. I got it back today and it is working beautifully!


I just want to take a moment to send good thoughts to @Galapagoose and @izzy. This has been a bumpy launch and there are a lot of issues that are still being worked on. I have a lot of confidence that they are working on them, and that everyone is best served by them working hard on whatever issues there are to deal with.

I understand feeling upset about purchasing something that does not work 100% as expected, or that has some issues. But, there’s been a lot of negativity towards WR in this thread, and I really don’t think that helps whatever issues there are get resolved faster.

This is a little hippy or whatever, but I wanted to say it. I hope that, if there’s any difficult or busy times happening right now, that WR understands the music and joy that they enable with their work, and that that helps carry them through.



I could not agree with this more!


Over 1000 posts and I’ve read pretty much all of them at this point. Don’t think there has been ‘a lot of negaitivity’ in this thread. Good thoughts to all at WR is a good message but just trying to keep things realistic.


There’s been a lot of positivity too! And people doing really cool things with W/.

We could run sentiment analysis on the thread and identify percentages :slight_smile: I mostly just wanted to convey good wishes to WR.


Seems you already ran that analysis when you said “a lot”


I’m glad @Galapagoose is taking his time working on fixing the issues. The last thing I’d want is a half baked update. We are all early adopters and yes the bugs are a pita, but I am very pleased it’s in my rack.


Okie doke. Substitute your preferred indefinite quantity term for ‘a lot’ then, for some percentage between 0 and 100. Sorry to have offended you with ‘a lot’!


Oh ok. I’ll try not to pay any attention to anyone’s oppinion in future unless it comes as a percentage.


Sorry, I really wasn’t trying to scold the thread or the community. It seems as though it came across that way, at least to @HateNames, so I’ll be mindful of that.

When I read this thread, among the discussion of the module and the helpful videos and instructions (@Starthief and @voidstar’s contributions come to mind), there has been some amount of discussion of slow shipping dates, lack of notifications, infuriating instructions (par for the course with any WR module, any of us should know better than to get frustrated at this point). Some of this is just expressed as general frustration, and some smaller amount of it (choosing my words more carefully now I hope) is actually more or less directed at WR. I have also read every post in this thread.

I mostly find myself thinking about what kinds of situations WR might find themselves in right now. It sounds like there are some construction issues that people are having trouble with (mostly around the switch) which they may have to process an enormous amount of repairs on. There are seemingly bugs which we hope are only software related.

If it were me, I’d be exhausted, and I would feel some amount of despair. It sounded like the actual response and subsequent shipping was way more than they anticipated, and that itself was a lot of work. Which is great, that’s success! But still exhausting. And now that that’s done, there’s still issues to be fixed beyond setting up a second production run.

That’s all. I wanted to send good thoughts, since I have seen both of them comment here and so at times they read this.

It was not my intention to tell anyone else what to think, nor to identify 17.8% percent of the posts in this thread as having a net negative sentiment. Since it was interpreted that way, that’s information for me to sit with and to use to better shape my posts and discourse in the future.

(Sorry folks, sorta meta, if the mods want to (re)move this it is ok by me. Back to discussing W/!)