Mannequins W/ (with)


Me 3! – If I leave mine on without using it, it bugs out by itself, before I get to it.
I’m not using it now, but can’t wait to!! :cake:



I’m in the exact same boat. I have three, and none behaves exactly as expected (or in a way that I am able to reliably reproduce behavior). I’m eager to see a firmware update soon to hopefully rule out any hardware issues or user error.



And me. I imagine there’s many in the same boat… pleased to have it racked, with plenty enough goodwill to be patient, but wary of digging in properly until these bugs are squashed.



Good to hear others are having similar issues. I really want to use this module as it’s intended it started so well for me. Cymru beats have offered me a full refund I really don’t wait to send it back, some communication would be much welcomed from mannequins.



This is essentially the boat I’ve been in since week 1. I reliably make very little progress before I need to power-cycle which has led me to just avoid it altogether as too much of a buzz kill.

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is anyone here using their w/ regularly/heavily ~without~ issues? not trying to incite, just wondering.



Same boat here too. I sent an email last weekend but have not heard anything back yet. I’m sure they are swamped so I’m not sweating it but I really would like to use the module!

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I am using it daily but only in the delay looping type mode. Its the only thing that works reliably although I suspect that it is mostly user error for the issues I am having. Without suggesting that others aren’t being patient with it, I have found that being patient, repeating small steps of learning, and quiting once ahead (ie giving up for the night once an issue has arisen) has led to less and less issues and more reliability.
Having said that I have kept to basic operation because of the frustration of not knowing what is a bug and what is user error with some of the expected functionality. Eagerly awaiting the firmware update so I can dive in deeper with confidence.
EDIT: I have also discovered that a few of the things I was sure were bugs were in fact user error and patching mistakes…



I’ve almost sold mine many times but I’m really trying to be patient. Once that firmware drops I’ll give it a few more months. Right now it’s just too frustrating. One funny thing that came from using the w/ is that it motivated me to start recording more real tape loops. I’ve been multi-tracking to a 1 minute tape loop and I’m loving the results. I’m employing a lot of the techniques I was trying to use on the w/.



Playing around with Mangrove and W/ at lunch today.



No, just leaving it on causes crashes. I’m saddened to say that, imho, w/ should not have been released in this state. Surely some beta testers would have run into this, right?

The lack of communication about the potential update is not helping either. I’m sure they are working hard, but it’s almost May… Even a message clearing up if it’s software/hardware related would go a long way.



i agree… over 1,000 posts with a LOT of people having pretty serious problems, feeling frustrated and upset… and a ton of confusion… and not a peep from mannequins… is a little concerning.



They are working on it. Just look to how the team resolved the Just Friends issues - and how they continue to release firmware refinements for that product. Small teams doing big work take time to get it right - rushing a fix would be worse. That said, I appreciate that you and others are frustrated after paying $ for a product with such promise that doesn’t get everything right. We’re in this together.



Well, I haven’t actually had to many crashes, but about a week ago my output stopped working. I had some issues with it before it died, crackling and sound coming and going if I wiggled the patch cable inserted into the output. Thought it was a cable issue at first, but checked ALL my cables with a cable tester. Hoped it wouldn’t be an issue and then :persevere:
So contacted Whimsical, but after an initial reply re:cables I haven’t heard anything, whitch is weird since they’ve been very responsive helping me out with another issue a couple of weeks ago.
Oh well, I guess we’ll hear from them soon. Maybe they are preparering for Superboot :grinning:



Agree and that’s why imho, in hindsight, the module should have not been released in this state. Not trying to bash Whimsical btw. I’m sure he’s just as, if not more, frustrated as we are.

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I’m finding one of my favorite uses for W/ is to just create a loop, record some stuff into it at varying tape speeds in Nav mode, and using that result in a drone-like, noise-like way or resampling it into Maschine. There’s not a lot of interaction with W/'s front panel that way once you have a loop created, and it seems like minimal risk of stuff going wrong.

Recording at normal speed and playing back at another speed sounds tape-like; recording at a weirdly slow or fast speed sounds lo-fi sampler-like, and you can get both vibes simultaneously. Perhaps with some clicks and pops or other noise, or the ghosts of previously recorded material. It’s lovely stuff.

I would guess it’d work nicely bouncing back and forth w/ Norns/MLR too.



i don’t know if it’s a bug or i’m just stupid but in my w/ i’ve no audio through while recording or in nav mode…someone that can help?



Check the monitoring setting in Global mode?



Just day dreaming about an expanded for the W/ . I would love to have some kind of envelope out and a gate That occurs at cue points. Could be pretty sweet.

Just gonna plant this seed and hopefully watch it grow. :wink:

(would be hilarious if the W/ expander module was 10-20 HP too)



[looks over at Teletype] hmm, I guess 18HP is in the 10–20 range :sweat_smile:

I’m antsy to get a W/ of my own! Strangely the task of learning to commune with it sounds really appealing, and I’m curious to see how many bugs really are out there

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