Mannequins W/ (with)


This has been my favorite suggestion so far.


Agreed. One of the reasons I haven’t jumped ship to Serge by now.


For some reason I keep watching this other @MengQiMusic youtube video (“dinner thought”), and thinking it has something to do with w/ — seems like he’s playing something off screen and there’s loads of /… /… that pop up from time to time in the video…


Wild guess: it uses audio-rate playback of cellular automata ‘wavetables’ to play back a synthesised approximation of audio that you play in, via some kind of reverse-engineered granular synthesis wizardry.

Or maybe a stylish cable-holder.


probably not what it is, but a waveset distortion synthesis module would be cool in euro


Those JF are outputting sound and shapes but I see no inputs… definitely i2c?


Looks to me like they are just running cycles as normal, probably mangrove making the sound? if you follow the cable it looks like one of the outs is controlling Sisters freq, and another is going into that weird colored module.


To me, the left JF looks to be in Sound mode and the right JF is in Shape mode. Further, the left JF is patched to that MQ module which is further patched to the audio All input of the 3S. The right JF could very well just be cycling and is connected to the pitch input of a 3S. Both the 3Ss are self patched and then sent to what I assume is the output of the Waldorf. The pitch input of the Mangrove is coming from out of frame so who knows. I’m guessing that something is sending pitch info the JF and Mangrove. There’s a Monomish module just to the left but mostly out of frame that looks like it could be a TT. Patch sounds duophonic. Very cool whatever it is.


Here is a shot of the setup on his instagram.
There is a TT in there so the just JF must be connected.


Been thinking…I cannot see how Trent would release a module (s) that ONLY communicates with TT which seems to be the focus of a lot of discussion. The GitHub for sure mentions the TT and I’m sure I saw a i2c footprint on the pcb…
The 0n-6n scheme of just friends is brilliant and I could see him using the same way to break out complex functions with minimal interfacing


Thank you for liking my work, patch picture below. There is no W/, I haven’t received my W/ by the time this song was recorded.

On the left the connections are :
kb voice 1 pitch to tt cv
kb gate to tt gate in 8
kb clock to tt gate in 1
kb voice 2 pitch to mangrove

and yes kb37 has a duophonic mode.


What’s the black and gold module next to the Sisters that you’re patching the mix out from Just Friends into? Seriously beautiful patch!


Once I thought about making an i2c expander for JF that has 6 gate inputs and 6 1v/oct cv inputs to make use of it as a standalone voice. And Gil has been extremely helpful.

But then I think that if you want to operate JF like a poly voice, TELEXi + TT + JF is the end-game, most versatile long term solution.

And since I believe in virtuosity which requires a musician to spend long time with single instrument, I would prefer to go to an end-game solution directly.


It’s my simple multiple with attenuators module :

Thank you.


Figured it was one of yours based on the design, looks awesome!


Sorry for the confusion, but W/ is not used in this track.


thanks for the clarification and patch notes, very kind of you. (early) 恭喜发财!


You are welcome! 春节快乐,恭喜发财!!


"#pentatonic linear tape speed ratios as voltages

for W/ @whimsicalraps"


I just came to share this!