Mannequins W/ (with)


Hopefully a firmware update will be released before they’re back in stock. The wait feels long.

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Hello again,

Thank you for all the feedback of your experiences with W/. We are listening! Our team is thoroughly examining your bug reports to isolate reproducible, thus solvable, issues. We are confident that a software update will address these. Expect this by the end of May.



best news eva! GL :cake::bird:

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Thank you for the update! Good to know it’s not hardware. Can’t wait to give my W/ the love it deserves.

Good luck!



I share your daydream



Hey Izzy

thanks for the update, it’s really appreciated.

There is one thing which might be helpful in the meanwhile. Me (and also some other users) are facing to the issue that due to several deletions of the tape (down+rec, during start) the module became more and more unusable.
Maybe it is regarding fragmentation or something else of the SD-Card (just a shot in the dark).
Therefore, would it be possible to share with us some kind *bin, iso,… for the SD-Card, to restore completely the initial factory setting?

That would be really really great, and it would reduce also a little bit the pain of not be able to use W/(with) :slight_smile:




I’m sure W/ will improve and become more stable with the update and I will probably pick one up again in a year or so. But right now, I have decided to sell my W/ because I feel bad seeing it sitting in the middle of my rack not getting any use.



I haven’t got around to playing much with the TT integration, but the addition of an Add Cue command would seem really helpful.

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w/ finally making sense to me! haha.



I’m wondering if this would be 4gb?



Yes this sound like logical. This happened to mine i had a suspicion it was due to SD card corruption.



I’ve been meaning to get the image-creation method posted to allow replacement SD cards to be made, but also to outline the structure of the binary image. The big scare in this case is that I only know how to make these images from the command line, using dd which will happily format your hard-drive if you make a small error. Much hand-holding required on this point.

Regarding the increased frequency of issues after clearing tapes, the cause is not fragmentation, and it’s unlikely to be a corruption issue. Rather it is likely a bug in the SD card driver, failing to recover from an unsuccessful read operation. Improving error handling in this driver is on the top of my update list.

In general there is no reason to remove the SD card from the module at all. Apologies I don’t bring better news.



Actually, this is great news. It’s easier and cheaper to fix the error handling code than to replace SD cards.



i have been fooling with mine all day and i am having a great time with it.
I did not go in and start mucking with the SDcard. I got it recording and then overdubbing and playing faster, slower and then into little fragments.
I was using the Ieaskul Mobenthy Swoop to THAT it and it sounds wonderful
i knew there would be issues with the thing at first right now i have this Mister Mister Drone from Broken Wings that i sampled from FM radio and it’s absolutely beatific.



so if we have touched the SD card at all then our W/ is messed up automatically??



No it’s not. If your W/ is working at all then the card is ok.

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yup. ruined. just sell it and get a tiptop one :poodle:



thanks for the confirmation

at first when everyone was experiencing issues with theirs i just backed off of learning it because i didnt know how i would be able to distinguish between me not knowing how to use it properly or if my module was not functioning properly.

ill give it another go this weekend

LOL, what’s with the poodle?? I actually had the TipTop throbbing Gristle one but i sold it because I though this one from Mannequins would have a lot more potential greatness in the long run



I use my W/ pretty regularly. It definitely has a couple of problems (sometimes powers on into looping a very small segment with no way to stop) - but it’s very usable and I like it a lot.

Here is a crosspost of some music I made by manually controlling it’s playback speed - along with a morphagene.



Hi All,

I’m definitely getting the hang of this little beast.

However I am struggling to find an elegant way to record a loop (with cues) in time with another sequence.

I know i can get in there and edit cue point manually but its a bit of a pain.

I feel like I’m missing something fundamental!?

Anyone have any thoughts??