Mannequins W/ (with)


Have you tried sending a gate to ‘this’ in live mode?


Mine will not record sounds at all any more no matter what I do. Creating a loop only works a fraction of the time too. Clearing all tapes doesn’t do anything to fix this. Has anyone had this issue and solved it?


This happened to mine unfortunately I could not fix it. I think we will need to wait for the new firmware.


Ethically speaking, is it OK to sell one of these things at the moment? At this stage there is no way I can return mine to Control but I’d also feel uncomfortable selling something that 100% does not work. Has anyone gotten a refund directly from WR’s due to the w/'s dysfunction? This is honestly a pretty crappy position to be in.


It seems fair as long as you make it clear to the person you are selling it to. The second one I bought was owned briefly by someone else, and I bought it with the knowledge that it may not fully work until the update.
That said, you might end up fetching a lower price than you would if it were already working as it should.


The update should be done this month. I’d hold on to it.


If your module is totally unresponsive / won’t record, try resetting the current tape:

  • Turn off your case
  • While holding record + down, turn on your case

The current tape will be cleared (you will lose any existing audio & cues), and hopefully it will get you back to a functional state.


I know that a gate in live mode will punch in recordings.

But I assume the best way to get it to loop is then to go to cue mode and manually set cue points at the start and end of these “punched in” recordings??

Also about to grab a teletype which I’m hoping will open up things a bit.

I really love the concept of this module, just trying to integrate it into my workflow better.


Hello everyone, i registered here to for a start trynig to learn about the w/
I recently got it 2nd hand but my skiff isnt ready yet and i ll just wait fot the firmware.

However i am having trouble to think of a good controller for using it in a sampler manner. I want to have some pads to play slices in the W/
I thought i could smoehow achieve this with the Landscape Allflesh (with Ladik trigger to midi) but seems like thats much too inconsistent for cv to slice triggering, at least everyone says so.
No i am looking for a small hp elegant controller solution for this wich lets me dial in bipolar voltages as the W demands.
Any advices? Dunno if pressure points is bipolar buut 4 pads is limiting.
Cells has great hp but is unipolar.

What could i use?

-if i want to play different slices (not simply pitch of one sample) how would i manage to dial in a slice to a pad of a controller/pads if said controller/pads do not have cv paramter knobs per pad.
Can this be done through an offset or would that always just have me playing one pad and wiggle the offset, making the other pads unused?

-is there a way to play the W/ as sampler triggering slices of a loop in a tape while at the same time record the audio of that performance to W/?
If so, its probably not possible to record to another of its tapes?


keep in mind (in my understanding) that adding a new cue / slice will change the voltage references to the cue’s.


Seems like a valuable hint but honestly over my head as i am modular noob. So if you could explain in what situations and in my application that means, it d be very helpful.

So i cant dial in cv to slice per pad with a standard controller like pressure points bc when i dial in slice #3 1 and 2 would not stay as prepared?

So how to do it then?


well you COULD, and then just avoid adding any new cues till your performance was done. seems not ideal.

actually to be honest, I suspect that W/ is not supposed to be brilliant at being a sampler in the way that an old tape recorder is not brilliant at being a sampler.

For my purposes, I’m hopeful that the W/ and Teletype interaction will get me where I want to go. (sorry if this is a broken record for you, I’m like 70% sure we talked on the Other Forum)


Likely we did but i dont think about teletype, i am not planing to go there at all. Its the opposite of my aim wich is a small 60-84 hp totally independent perf skiff either with the allflash pads or a controller module.
Battery powered and functional without any cables to the outside.

Well it should/is supposed to do that afaik, to quote Schneidersladen „it can be used as a multidrum sampler“ loosely put.

I dont see a real use for slices/cues if you cant adress several of them correctly!??

But i maybe should reduce my expectations on what W does and see it as sketchbook and have a dedicated small hp sampler for slice or maybe soundfile triggering. If W really cant do this :confused:


Speaking of wich…any of the small hp sample players would allow soudfile per 1v/oct triggering? I always saw them more as primitve playback devices.

But i dont give up on W doing this in a way somehow yet :slight_smile:


Try a korg sq-1 - each step can be tuned freely. You can also press the pads to trigger whenever you want if the sequencer is not running.


I’m sure that W/ can do some form of this. The issue, I think, is in how W/ does slice selecting with cv.
For instance, in CUE mode sending a trig to THIS will play the current slice. You can navigate slices using the L button + UP for next or DOWN for previous. To select a slice via cv you need to put your trigger and an offset into THIS. An offset of 0v stays on the current slice. -1v to -2v will move to the previous slice, and 1v to 2v the next.

This makes it sort of hard to do traditional drum sampling.


Thanks but really not looking for a step sequencer and not sth outside the case (exception would be clean pitch tracking to cv like sonicsmith might be cappable of…but forget teiggering slices that way i guess…same issues as allflesh)


I have a malekko 8nu8r wich i could use for offset, but i don’t understand completely how a multi pad input could be controllable through only one offset. To me it seems every pad would need its own?
And i ve no idea if the malekko is bipolar either

Well easy is boring i guess :smiley:

It might be best to use the W like tape then and only mangle perfomed loops and record the case and have traditional sample playing in another module.


You don’t have to use the sq-1 as.a step sequencer.

You could look at the larger Erica Synth sequential switch with expander too for something in-case. That might work.


Interesting! Probably similar to use the 4ms shifting mingle thingle but i would end up with inconsistent voltages via the allflesh pads (to wich use you refer i think?)

Bc of the organic variables

Ok i,see now about the erica. You mean using the pads it houses. Probably would work somehow i agree and sequencer on top. Not sure if its a ideal solution but might be worth to read into