Mannequins W/ (with)


don’t think to linear with W/


with similar sounds on one tape, it should work well…however using “kick, snare etc” and try to trigger them could be frustrating


Sure as a soundfile player i wouldnt start to look at it (kick snare etc) but ripping apart for example breaks would be indeed one of my applications.
Also i love the otherness of this device…not to come off wrongly here. Just if it cant do sone of the things i wanted to i might need to combine it with sth else.


If I’m not mistaken, TipTop One, Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 both do what I think you’re wanting (one shot sample playback with 1v/O control). I believe the Music Thing Radio Music can also be configured to do this in more recent firmware.

You probably could do this with W/ but it would be really finicky and probably a waste of the more interesting things W/ can do well, like acting like a tape player with sound on sound recording. That said, you could set up one of your W/ tapes like this and not set any new cue points in it once set (this would break the range of voltages triggering the cues) and then use other tapes for more W/-like scenarios.

If you’re looking for a one shot sampler though there are better options out there, IMO.



Great idea about setting up a tape in a probably very long session. This could work well. I think this would have to happen within one power cycle and only new cues after older ones!?

Would this need a voltage memory controller to work?
I guess i a having a hard time anyway how to fine set cues per Gate Signal with a simple -5 to +5 range over a span of 90 min.
Also i havent found out how to implement that bipolarity at all.

Just to be sure. Allflesh pads into ladik trigger to midi. Into midi to cv, into W/ would still leave me without ability to tune slices to pads. Or would a single offset for the complete CV into W be enough to move my 10 pads chained as cues across the tape? ( probably akward because of startpoints but still interesting to know)

Damn if i could combine this idea with the allflesh pads… hm but a cheap simple soundfile player with the pads into w for a more sequenced approach could be ace too


Forgive my confusing post above…

Simple question. What controllers give out -5 to +5 V to have direct control of the full tape width of W/?

Can pressure points do this? Or is it common to stack an offset parallel to the CV?


No, Pressure Points is 0-5.5V or 0-8V depending on the row.


intellijel Planar and Planar 2


Intellijel Tetrapad in voltages mode. it’s possible that Teletype will (in future?) be able to do this without patch cords??


Cold Mac can. And I use Intellijel Quaddratt because I like Cold Mac free for other things. Quaddratt is 1U but I believe that Triatt has the same features in 3U. All of these are continuous though so they take a little skill to get “musical” playback relationships. I tried ALM’s Beast’s chalkboard which is +/- 4v if self patched and has set 1v increments thinking that I could select octaves and x2 and /2 playback speeds. It sounded like a good idea it didn’t work like that, I hadn’t thought it through properly. The actual application was really restrictive so I abandoned the idea. I’m hoping TT will be able to do what I need but I’m still just learning the basics. Also I haven’t found that TT can output -ve voltages?! yet? so maybe backwards play back isn’t possible. Someone who is better across all this should probably correct me…


It’s odd that the manual is silent on that point, isn’t it? If W/ Type has the feature it becomes unnecessary in this instance, but we don’t know yet.


Tonight I used a knob from the quaddratt into THAT and was able to “play” the record punch-in either full -5 (tape overdub/overwrite) or full +5 (looper) to great effect.

I tried to quantize the quadratt cv in o_c’s quantermain mode masking all but C. but it only outputs -3 to +5 in 1v increments.


I think that Math’s channel 3 is -5v to +5v - it’s what I have most often been using to control playback speed.


All good ideas concering constant voltage. But imdont think i want to approach it that way. Was more thinkg of a gate creating controller like PP and the mentioned tetrapad…wich i dont dig for some reason.
I suppose you sum the individual outs in a mixer/vca?

I am kinda not getting anywhere with this… ears was mentioned but i am not sure how a one pad controller would work for me.

And i am not sure if one could put any constant voltage generating offsett (i ve malekko 8nu8r) in parallel to a unipolar controller (pp, cells etc) and use the full -5 + 5 range?


If your output is 0 to 5V and you desire -5 to +5V then the transfer function is

H(s) = 2 * s - 5

Per @alanza’s post below, the ADE-60 could achieve this using two channels with correct jumper settings (bias on channel 1, gain on channel 2). Combine this with a Pressure Points and you should be good to go. If you require the allflesh pads that consider the Sptunik 5-Step Voltage Source instead of Pressure Points.

At this point you should really consider doing some actual experimentation, either in real hardware or VCV rack. Your understanding of your problem is a bigger limitation now than any hardware limitations.


Factual question: can the O/A/x2 provide 2x gain?


Actually no, it can’t. I’ll edit.


I think that Abstract Data’s ADE-60 can be patched to work like this with the right jumper settings on two channels?


There you go. Man that thing looks great! So you’d set the first jumper for bias, adjust your signal down by -2.5V. Set your second jumper for gain, multiply signal by 2. Presto.

Mutable Blinds can achieve this if you can feed it 10V on Vmod. But it can only generate +/- 5V.


Prefer to inform myself of the right tools for my application before spending big cash on things that dont work out at all.
Thats when i actually am set to test my case and when the firmware for w/ is done.
Right now i dont have a functional rack to experiment. But yeah i am starting to think i am getting lost in theory slowly. I will sure find a way that works for me.