Mannequins W/ (with)


Very few plans survive implementation. Download VCV Rack and start wiggling now (for free!). And familiarize yourself with oscilloscopes and multimeters.


Haha good point. Never heard of it and will do. Thanks for the hint


That mention and looking into Blinds made me again think about the original idea to try out allflesh…seems like i cant shake this off until i tried.
I mean plugging those into blinds and the sum into W/ This.
One pad as gate directly into W might work as a note off…

Nah… ok ok…


Actually part of my confusion seems to be i thought i need bipolar cv to adress cues… i realize thats probably nonsense and its only needed for NAV mode modulating loops.
Yeap…times for hands on


You can use bipolar CV to modulate your recording mode in THAT in PLAY mode.


One thing i haven’t found out yet is if W/ can be played/sequenced (lets say triggering 4 cue points) and the performance recorded in W/ aswell?

I think that would need a second recording device?


Another device is needed


Sounds like you need a ER-301. It would make all the things you want, possible, and easier…
But I know, more HP and :dollar:


Sure that’s actually what got me back into modular but for now i decided to go simpler, smaller and cheaper! Cant afford it sadly.

About controllers/sequencers i am looking at cells and xiio, if i dare to make a full tape with samples and add cues afterwards, then dont touch cues anymore i wonder does a 5v scale actually is enough to browse/tune to 90 minutes of audiomaterial/cues?

Wouldnt i need some kind of fine tune? Or 10v?


Did you try that in parallel while adressing cues too or only in simple play mode with no other cv going in?


It just occurred to me that the proposed Faderbank by @infovore could be useful in interacting with W/ - in conjunction with something like the ADDAC 305, which has 4 “pass through” channels, and a unity mixer of some sort, which could pass a single patch cord to the W/ that could receive one of four CV signals. That way you could send (more or less) precise CVs on demand to W/. Or am I overthinking this.


No i dont think your overthinking it - ive thought exactly the same thing…ive decided the TT isnt for me but i still want access to JF and w// access to deeper functions that Just type and whatever integration with TT is planned…
Its getting to the point i could almost make one (and share it obviously) bu the thing holding me back is Crow and The Other New Thing (that Tehn and Trent are talking about now)
it could be done really simply on its own, its integrating into the ecosystem
So for me 16n is the only game in town - waiting to see what the dynamic duo come up with :slight_smile:


How I see a box like this working would be to import TT scripts (or via an IDE or similar) which would be read only except for changing values required - so looks like norns :slight_smile:


I was thinking of a similar kind of idea with a sequential switch! Though I also suppose Pressure Points would be a similar idea.


Good point. Now I need to ask if you send multiple different CVs to a unity mixer, does the unity mixer add the CVs? So if I sent 1v + a 2v signal, does that output a 3v signal? This way you could make do with only three channels on the Faderbank and three channels on the ADDAC, and do the 1 / 2 / 1+2 / 2+2 / 1+2+2 (plus or minus). Ahh, math.


yes, to my knowledge a unity gain mixer does this, modulo you can’t get past +12/-12V in Eurorack


Care to elaborate what the aim of this actually would be?
Usage examples?

I finally got down to a simple cv sequencer touch modul like cells wich lets me tune in plates to cues. But i suppose you talk of a different use case
Mangling loop playback with stuff like varispeed and direction?
Wouldnt any simple bipolar cv source do this? Or you refer to prearranged exact and expectable results via gates?


@Galapagoose any ETA on when W/ will be back in stock?


Well, as I read the documentation for the LIVE mode of W/


Always keep moving. LIVE mode is focused on performance-brain; Simplistic subtleties affording nuanced techniques.

THIS takes a plain trigger, punching in, then out the record function. Toggling behaviour lends to interesting phasing effects, particularly where an INput sequence is desynchronized with a punch-pattern.

THAT enables CV control over the recording mode. Now we can explore the inbetween of OVERDUB (0v) and OVERWRITE (-5v). Consider the difference between these modes is whether we are erasing existing recorded material as we lay down new sounds. A point out around -4v will give the effect of an old tape deck or delay, leaving faint ghosts of recorded material.

Positive voltages are only subtly different to negative- Indeed the effect on the recording is identical! The big difference is we now hear the sounds being cleared off the tape. Consider this while looping, and your loop length directly becomes delay-time. Feedback internally by approaching 0v, or patch an external path at 5v.

…I realized I might need to send fluid CV chances to W/ but it might also benefit from precise CV changes. I can use Cold Mac to send the fluid changes, as long as I’m paying attention to the position on the dial. But for precise changes … that was what I was thinking when I considered sending precise CVs either singly or in groups to a unity mixer, which would then connect to the THAT jack on W/.

I’m just spitballing this.


I see
Wouldnt tune plates achieve the same?

Ah pressuenpoints allready mentioned above.
It would be just simpler as the summing is allready there.
No bipolarity tho

Throwing this in… i dont think its for me but i stumbled over Flame Memoslider wich has multiple voltage ranges out including -5 to +5
I think it could be usefull for some using W/
Just not for me haha