Mannequins W/ (with)


i got a W/ used (maybe from one of you lol) and no izzy to be found, but the info here on lines has been super-helpful. after deleting a tape and starting from there, everything was working ok. trying to just fill a tape with some talking/interviews w astronauts. but now all of a sudden i have no sound output, can’t seem to navigate thru all the loops and tape i just recorded, cant find any cue points at all.


did you go to global mode and try toggling the output setting??


yes, i have monitor turned on in global, and can hear that fine. was working for awhile, but its def not consistant, its buggy for sure. waiting for new firmware.


after creating a new tape, things seem to be much better, hasnt frozen/crashed since then. got to the end of a tape and was surprised it didn’t loop back to beginning, it just stopped.

what kind of material are you recording with your w/ with?

filled a tape with spoken word, astronaut interviews in french and english, with some ufo nuts and hypnotists throw in too. moved onto drones and soundscapes, old ambient tracks played at 50% speed sound amazing under new tracks. havn’t attempted anything with a tempo to it yet. audio-rate and LFOs to scrub thru the tape is really fun.


I’ve recorded:

Melodic patches from within the Modular
OP-1 sounds
Radio snippets
Enviromental sounds from
Looping whatever patch I have going and dropping it 1/2 speed for interesting rhythms and harmonies

Like you said, 50% on anything ambient or harmonically rich is amazing. I get a lot of use out of a delay setup, since it sounds great and I dont have a delay in my system.


Can you elaborate on this? Does W/ work well as a traditional delay?


if you overdub record into a loop with an offset controlling the feedback amount, yes, it can act as a delay. can’t speak to the sound, ofc


similar to the way that the korg volca sample creates a delay


Can someone explain if its possible to clock the w/ and if so how…probably not possible to use an audio loop from w/ as master clock?

What are your guys recent experiences w/w/?
Everyone waits for the firmware or some are actively and happy using it?


Mine is being used as a weird sound generator, running audio rate sines into the CV inputs is nice, have given up trying to learn / control / navigate it for a while - whenever I had to look stuff up I found it a bit vexing, but I keep patching into it.


I’m waiting on the firmware. I occasionally use for delays and slowed down recordings, but mine is quite unpredictable so I avoid using it in any stuff I record. I am still absolutely in love with it and can’t wait to give it more use.


not sure about the clock, i don’t recall hearing anyone talk about that.

i use it mostly as a delay (when the record functionality is responding correctly) and as a phased looper (when the loop functionality is responding correctly). when it’s working, it’s a ton of fun! when it’s not working, it’s maddening. usually when i sit down with my synth i’ll plug something in and see what’s working, and if it’s not responding i just skip it for that session.


This is how it has been going for me as well. Check it out on power up. If it’s working, great I’ll play w/! Otherwise I just move on to other ideas.

I sense great potential in W/, and I trust all will be sorted in time.


One of my favorite things with W/ is simply listening back to material that I’ve previously recorded. It’s consistently surprising and inspiring. The flip side of this is that I sometimes feel afraid of recording over and changing what is already there. I wonder if anyone else has this experience?

To try and break this feeling I’ve been recording in loads of arbitrary sounds - the weird detritus of the internet.


Yep also thought about this. Some kind of duplicating splice functionality would be super usefull


Any word on when these may be re-stocked with some of these inconsistencies addressed? I assume not, but figured I’d ask :slight_smile:


A piece using simultaneously playing and recording with W/ - I’m controlling the playback speed with coldmac - noise sources are rings - and whatever was already on the tape.


any news on the firmware update?


Not yet to my knowledge.
But latest info I found was end of May.
So 4 more days…
fingers crossed.


my w/ is not outputting signal at all, but the input light indicator shows that it is receiving my signal, i just can’t hear it when i monitor the output… i searched the thread but can’t find the reset procedure.