Mannequins W/ (with)


Record + Down when powering on then follow the lights to clear current tape. Try powering on with nothing patched into ‘In’. Then patch into In and enable monitoring in Global mode.


I think that in global mode R toggles input monitoring. Maybe it just got switched off?

(hold R for 1 sec to enter global mode, then press R to toggle monitoring.)


I was just at Control in Brooklyn and they told me that they have the new firmware there. The guy said that they’ve already updated three w/‘s and that he thinks it will solve most of the issues. He said I can bring mine in to get updated. I was really surprised to hear this. Why wouldn’t they release the firmware if it already exists?


Still testing it I guess. Good to hear it’s out there in the wild, but I’ll wait till it’s official. Any moment now…


I meant to say try powering on with nothing patched to ‘In’. I have edited my post so as not to mislead future seekers. I think this will solve your problem, it did mine when encountering the same issue.


Just to avoid any misunderstandings here, the firmware we delivered to them was to very specifically address an issue where modules couldn’t exit Izzy. It does not, and will not fix other general issues. New firmware is very close. I’m polishing things up this week and do plan to post, at the least, a new beta by Wednesday.


this worked - thanks!


Thanks for the update!


Excited for the firmware, thanks for the update! Does anyone know how to avoid having clicks when using this as a delay? I’m pretty sure it’s just timing the loop correctly but I figured I’d ask to see if anyone has any tips for getting a cleaner delay loop.


Super excited for the bugs to get cleared. I am a believer!


Played with delay timing a bit more tonight and got a better result, was pretty pleased with what turned out:


Hyped! Can’t wait to explore my W/ beyond it’s current limits.


Tiny update:
New firmware beta will be tomorrow. In fixing many bugs, many others were uncovered! Presently overhauling the varispeed playback implementation and discovered some lower-level bugs that need to be ironed out to avoid some nasty things under the hood.
Thanks for your patience, and looking forward to receiving some feedback on the update. Hoping to get the official 1.1 posted within a week.


Excited for the update! Thanks for the update, really enjoying this module!!!


Thank you for putting in the hours! Super excited to see W/ at full potential.


20chars of hope that the beta will be shared today.:pray:


Just letting people know the firmware beta info is shared over here.

I’m in no way an authority but would say it’s beta, use at your own risk, caveat installator. But I’ll be installing it :slight_smile:


Although I’ve read the documentation at whimsicalraps, I am still not 100% clear if W/ can be used for red-green-color-blind people like myself. As it is practically impossible for me to distinguish multicolor (orange/green/yellow/red) LED states, I wonder if W/ users can be so kind tell me to what extent W/ makes use of such different LED colors? Thanks much in advance!


I’m red green colorblind and have had no issues so far.


Thanks! As there are different kinds of red-green-blindnesses I should be more precise with my question: Does /W has one or more LEDs that use different colors (in the orange/green/yellow/red spectrum) to indicate different states?