Mannequins W/ (with)


I believe only the led above record uses different colours(red./orange). Other than that it’s red/white(someone correct me if I’m wrong).


Of the top of my head, I think all the yellow lights are to the left and all the white lights are to the right, so it should be ok. The reason I can’t be clearer is because i think about the lights in terms of their location, not their colour. That may be saying something. Would love someone to confirm this though


All the lights are single colour. Yellow to the left and white to the right. Their colouration is purely aesthetic, and helps with communication in the user manual / mental recognition of different states.


Thank you, that’s great!


Working much more reliably here, thanks for the great update!


Can anyone point me in the right direction with this – I was trying to get a delay-like thing going today, and tried my best to follow what’s in the manual by using an offset to control overdub/overwrite. Everything seems to be fine, set a cue point, loop back to it after a little while, but every time I set a loop up I get a tiny little snippet of recorded sound right at the last fraction of a second of the loop, and then nothing else. It’s happened to me a few times, but I can’t figure out whether I’m doing something wrong or whether this is a bug. Tried to search in this topic but couldn’t seem to find anything, so apologies if this has been spoken about already. I’m also running the newest beta firmware.


Sounds like a bug if it’s working properly some of the time. We’re working on it.


wow the beta really brought my w/ to life! soo much fun and so musical. i was getting sad thinking that i just couldn’t use it correctly…

still running into some problems with the click noises that happen when the loop resets. some loops are worse than others but it is definitely not a sound that i’m producing when i record.

i am also hearing some crackly clipping while rewinding the tape in nav mode and listening back to the recorded material. not sure if these problems can be solved by adjusting things on my end of if they are in the firmware.


I think @Galapagoose mentioned the clicks being addressed in the next firmware release (following the one currently in beta). I agree though, experimenting with This and That and an offset generator really opens this thing up, so much fun.


Wow, setting up a really thick sound-on-sound texture and then slowly turning your offset knob towards -5V for the “worn tape” effect and then silence sounds AWESOME.

And hey, an hour or so of play, including setting a loop while recording and then recording into said loop, and I encountered zero bugs :grinning:


While I have not been “pushing it”, I too have had fantastic luck with this latest beta. I keep meaning to test different functions and try to break things… but it sounds so good that I just get lost.


Doing this while patching a fast trigger pulse into This to keep punching in and out of record is so crazy, gets into this weird granular plucky territory. I love this thing.


Been a while since I’ve used my w/ so I’m not sure if this is possible but can you run the tape delay in reverse?


loving the new beta. had to click through Izzy a few extra times but i had my most fun/productive session w/w/ in quite a while today. can’t wait for the official release :ok_hand:


can you explain the kind of sound you mean? I have some ideas but they might not match what you’re looking for


I’m talking about when you use w/ as a tape delay with +5v but have the tape playing in reverse?
So the loop is playing backwards, play that at half speed for magic.
Like a slow reversed tape delay and kinda like that morphagene effect.
Is that possible?


well, probably not. in the sense that if you record while moving backwards through the loop and then listen at the next pass while still going backwards, then what you’ll hear will sound like it’s forwards, since you’re listening in the same direction it was recorded.


This is the use case I am hopin the firmware will get stable enough for. W/type and some cv to this and that should be able to achieve it eventually with many unexpected outcomes too I hope


Yeah that’s what I though as it does emulate a tape. I guess I should just record a loop and play it back in reverse at half speed.
Would be unreal to have It record forwards but play back in reverse in realtime. I want reversed tape loop delays!!!


Let’s hope the Mannequins’ guys read this and let us bliss out on lush reversed soundscapes in a future update :sunny: