Mannequins W/ (with)


Reverse playback in real time… might have to enlist Doc Brown’s assistance for that feature. :wink:

Unless you mean having separate playback and record heads moving in opposite directions? Not to be a downer but I just don’t see the w/ interface meeting these needs. Maybe a “w/ Type” alternate mode, though?


i have been getting some interesting reverse loop echo stuff in live mode by quickly switching playback direction while a loop is going and something is being recorded over it and monitored from input (this and that need to be patched…notes below). it’s a one shot type of effect and as soon as the loop gets recorded over it’s gone but it’s really fun if you get the timing right, and sounds interesting even when it’s a bit off.

definitely seems possible with a TT script that switches playback direction every time your loop triggers??

here’s an example of the patch i’m talking about:
mangrove getting v/oct from TSNM
gate from TSNM going into pip slope gate in
pip slope envelope out to mangrove AIR (attenuator fully CW, air knob fully CCW)
trigger from TSNM going into w/ THIS
output from mangrove going into w/ IN
cold mac output 1 going into w/ THAT
in LIVE mode you set a loop length (i usually do something pretty short, 1-4 seconds) and send about +4 or -4 volts from cold mac or whatever you have to enable replacing (you’ll see the orange light fade in and out over REC as you turn survey.
then every time you hit a key (or your sequence advances if you’re not using a controller like tsnm), record will toggle on and off, always replacing.

this creates a realllyyy neat and weird choppy tape delay thing. of course different loop lengths will yield different results. so while looping, i quickly flip tape directions and get a little burst of reverse, then it corrects itself and records “normally” but when you want that little reverse again just play it back the other way. it definitely feels like playing a video game getting the button presses just right, but it sure is fun and feels very very unique. same idea can be applied to tape speeds.

another fun thing to do with this patch is send 0v to THAT so that your tape is no longer replacing, giving you an infinite looper that never self oscillates. start changing speed and direction and keep looping over it, then turn your voltage back up to 4 or 5 and clear the tape, bringing everything back to a cute little echo.


what is this doing? i feel like i understand THAT, but i have pretty limited knowledge on THIS. i was under the impression that it only had to do with what happens at the end of a loop [jumping to other parts of the tape depending on the voltage].


in Live mode (that is, with play engaged), all this does is accept triggers to punch in and out of recording


Psyched to give this a try!


exactly what @alanza said - by doing this with a touch controller i am playing melodies into w/ at the same time that i am toggling record. so it gives this choppy effect that is synched with what i’m playing! you can also do creative live playing/looping by intentionally leaving record off, switch around the timing, then toggle it again when you start playing to start replacing the old loop!


Reverse (i guess back and forth) tape delay is actually not too hard in Nav mode…

Here’s a video—

Bi-Polar Square LFO from a Tetrapad
— into Quadratt (attenuator) to modulate tape quality (the w/'s speed)
— into w/'s that
— Source is mangrove/three sisters/quadra

The LFO makes the tape go back and forth, don’t use loop mode, LFO speed is your loop time

The first echos of your source are always reverse since it’s either recording in reverse then play forward or vice versa

sounds bit glitchy, thats probably the w/ (beta 4)


Tried this patch in record/overwrite mode, but it seems the erase head is “in front” of the playback head (technically it’s more likely stacked) and you never hear your loop.

if one could reverse the order of the heads: playback > erase > record… then i think you could get a single reverse delay (but no feedback).


This is my favourite patch with w/ and is really stable now with the new firmware beta.

Given your above patch notes, having -ve voltage into that for overdubbing, I flip directions by toggling the play button. I think what is happening is that this is putting it into Nav mode and the -ve voltage attached to that is making it play backwards whilst still recording, then pressing play again puts it back into Live mode playing forwards. My points is if in this case you use the -ve voltage to “tune” the playback speed, you can over dub little sections of backwards harmonies. This would also work if you have +ve voltage into that. So essentially you’re overdubbing at different tape speeds that have a harmonious relationship with you loop/delays.
I’ve been working at this by ear and have managed to get close now the beta firmware is stable (for this use case mostly anyway). Now I just need to work out the tt voltages for that
Does this sound right?


Wait, tt doesn’t have -ve voltages and the -1 Command is just normal x1 reverse…


How are you managing to quickly switch the direction in play mode? I’m wondering if there’s some button combo I missed :sun_with_face:

I was looping with into w/ earlier, controlling mangrove’s air with an envelope from maths - and then using the end of rise trigger to start and stop recording. It got me some really nice sounds, especially as I increased and decreased delay times.


play, down+play will stop the tape, start rewinding, and then latch into reverse playback. dunno if that’s the fastest way to do it but it gets the job done.


yeah, that’s what i’ve been doing as well… you jump into nav mode for a split second, so like what @yoyosandshoes says, you can be intentional about precisely how much voltage you have to tune the nav mode speed in a harmonious way relative to the key you’re playing in


Is there a dl link for the beta firmware update somewhere? Can’t seem to find it…



Thanks. There seems to be no link to that page other than on the forum here. I guess they’re waiting for 1.1 to go live…


Did you scroll to the top of the forum? It’s right up top!


Oh it’s a dif thread. Got it


w// cold mac, mangrove, and 3 sisters.

things are really getting great with the beta firmware.


wow, I love these timbres!