Mannequins W/ (with)


Man this is beautiful!


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By the way, I was glancing at the manual and read “inspired by the inimitable Dakim” as a description for recording behavior with positive CV into that in Live mode, and was like “what’s a Dakim?” (like I thought it was gonna be the name for a piece of gear :sweat_smile:) so I had a look around and found this:

which besides being an incredible set, contains a really interesting idea for use of W/: namely, if you watch at, say, 24:00 or so, you can see him turn a knob a couple of times to duck the mix in order to make way for the kick he’s playing in, creating this cool sidechainy effect.

If you’re in Live mode and running a knob into that, you literally have this same set up ready for (ab)use.

Anyway, hopefully this doesn’t spoil the magic too much.


dakim is a living legend and i’m glad trent saw fit to shine more light in his direction

i’ll sidetrack this thread only once to ensure you’ve seen this…

his recordings are a phenomenal blend of disparate styles, rarely boring
i highly recommend


Good looking out. Dakim is new to me, but sounds fantastic! Hard to find instrumental hip hop (-ish?) that resonates with me, but this is great.


if you’re looking for content lemme know
i don’t have all his stuff but can point you to some of his obscure work if youre curious

he sometimes records as just dak (easy enough to find)
along with at least one other alias i’m aware of


one more :sweat_smile:

JF modulates THAT, while another triggers THIS in PLAY mode. modulating record/replace amount while punching in/out relatively fast w// mangroves playing a simple and slow melody.

(sorry for spamming my instagram)


this one is pretty great.


Don’t apologize! These samples are awesome, it’s so fun to see how other people are using this module. I had been basically only using an offset from Shades to manually set the CV for That and decided to try using an LFO from Just Friends yesterday myself. A nice slow LFO going from heavily overdubbing to gradually disintegrating is so nice.


Here’s one with mutable ears :frog:


This is one with W/ looping bits of an er301 tune I made. Its 100% er301 internal sounds + modulation. 2 modules only and my hands :slight_smile: Full track at the bottom


Always keen to see where this little Thing goes. Might get one again when things are smoothed out.

But wanted to ask one brief question. Besides all its other functionality, is it easily to use it and does it work well as a tape delay, from short slapbacks up to SOS?

Not asking about the SOS looping just how would this, and especially the hands on handling, compare to sth like a Strymon El Cap or the like?
Simple and immediate enough?

And if entering recording a performance, can the tape delay effect be active to process the audio while recording everything to a tape w/ effect?


you can approximated the SOS of the el cap yeah, but it’s not a strict tape-emulation in terms of character. slap-back no, not really, sounds much more like digital buffer at shorter loop lengths. in general it’s working better for long delays with the current firmware


Can the mangling of we be compared to Phonogene (more hifi ofc) or not at all?
I cant say for certain even after i listened to almost every clip.
Does W/ even function well without a bipolar cv source in rack?


Depends on what kind of mangling you’re after, probably. Certainly Phonogene and Morphagene offer you more knobs and likely more parameters, although I am not the one to ask for an A/B comparison.

W/ is plenty interesting just using what’s available from the front panel, but voltage sources add a lot, as one might expect, especially in the mangling direction.

Theorywiggling always goes better when you do the work to compare the manuals imo :wink:


Well you can compare apples to oranges… So yes, both can play back recorded material, sound on sound etc. W/ has a much longer buffer, Phono/Morphogene works better for small grains…

Define “well”? Sure it works without any CV. You lose functionality though. As @alanza suggests, reading the manual, watching the videos should help you ask more meaningful questions.


i know this has been documented to death, but i think it’s worth mentioning that it’s definitely still under construction. when it works it’s capable of all kinds of fun stuff, but if i were considering w/ i’d also be considering waiting until it’s more stable.


Jeap no rush. But trying to decide if at all. Probably, given my mere 56hp
Alternatives are too big and i like what i hear so far.


Somebody knows audio/video examples of W/ used with line or acoustic instruments?


not sure if this is the right place:
to move back the cue’s points, the double switching is somehow stressful, to close/fast. Could it make sense to increase the timing a bit ?