Mannequins W/ (with)

An extremely kind offer @xenus_dad . I’d definitely be interested — feel free to pm me with a quote!

I was gonna suggest we go in on a pair together since I’m in the same boat as you… but that would only net us one slashes board :joy:


No, they’re ordered in sets of 3 so each of you would get one and I would get one. I was going to suggest to @Olivier that he find a coconspirator. Then the parts cost is split and my contribution is building and shipping.

I’ll PM you both.

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The world in which I need more than one Slashes board is a very different one from my current reality. :wink:


For taking out into the field and manipulating environmental recordings. Very practical.


Quick question for @Galapagoose whenever you have time, or anyone else who may know:

Is there any issue with running 2 or 3 W/s off a board built to handle 4? I can’t imagine there would be, but I figured I would ask. It seems like unless depth is a huge concern or that $1 or so extra for the headers for the 4th one matters to you, it would always make sense to build for 4. Edit: or the width of the board, which is legit of course.

Thanks for any input! Best, x_d

This rig makes my head explode with colors. Does this actually exist or is it proposed?

If it exists, it’s seriously lacking in mixers (and attenuators)…

Cold Mac is a mixer :wink:


So is Three Sisters.

@bobbcorr extremely hypothetical/silly, just an example of when someone would actually need two Slashes boards.


Also, DPLPG attenuates, right? After a fashion.

Also, if output volume becomes a Type W/ operator…

Maybe this rack isn’t hypothetical. Maybe it’s destiny.


Thanks for this pointer. It gives me an idea for how to manage these two seemingly competing use-cases. Won’t be part of 1.1, but will be added soon!

Soon-to-be-available units are actually the second half of the initial run that we pulled after seeing all the firmware issues. A soon-to-follow second-run has functionally identical hardware and is 100% compatible.

No issue whatsoever. Just lookout that the board doesn’t get in the way of neighbouring modules!


That 2slashes case is ridiculous. I’m dreaming of a time when we have enough stock that I can do this!


I finally bought and received a 0.05 inch hex tool and now my W/ with Beta12 is PERFECT!


OK, I’ll bite - what did you use the 0.05 inch hex tool for?

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I had one of the units where the guts behind the front panel were loose and moving around when I’d plug cables in or use the joystick, that’s now fixed.

Edit: OCD issues probably.

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I did the same - it was getting loose but tightening it up worked fine


Just wanting to mention, i am havin an awesome time with w/ beta12
No glitches so far. Just used as a looper sos for now, but love how it reacts and the basic functions are remembered quickly. Looking forward to dive in more


My first-run w/ now has a sibling! (thanks @dan_derks) I’ve only had a bit of time to play with both, but it was great fun sending a single voice (Plaits, getting an Earthsea sequence) to a sequential switch and then alternating which w/ was receiving it. Modulating THAT on both led to some great stereo vibes. A few crunchy cassette sounds laid on top of it all for good measure.


this is a beautiful thing, thanks for sharing it

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Thanks! Really looking forward to exploring this pair further and…doing some actual recording :slight_smile: