Mannequins W/ (with)


could you explain more what you mean?


moving between cue points with the up/down joystick + LOOP: moving back to the beginning of the loop is one time, moving to the previous cue point needs a double “click”
I have problems that my W/ recognize it as a double “click”


still confusing… L+[down][down] in PLAY mode should move two cue’s backward. However, I end up often just move twice back to the same cue.


CTRL says new W/ units are expected in August…

I can’t wait!


In play mode L=Down Goes back the the last cue point, so the first press restarts that loop section, if you press it again very quickly, it goes back again to the cue point before that. If L+ down down, went back 2 cues, you couldn’t restart the loop section, right?

Personally i really like being able to ‘restart’ the loop with one L+down action, for me that ends up being the most musical way to play the slices by hand.


thanks, I think it was somehow not always recognize the double down…so it was difficult to move one loop back. With beta 12 it works fine.


Awesome. One thing I’m curious about, which perhaps @Galapagoose can clarify…

I have a w/ from the initial run, and now I want a second. If I want to have them connected via slashes, would I be able to send them both in to get outfitted, or would it be best to sell my current w/ and order 2 direct with slashes when they’re back in stock?


maybe you’re aware of all this, but slashes is just a bus board that slides on to the power and i2c headers, in a way sort of similar to the teletype i2c backpack if you’re familiar with that

it looks like a fairly cheap and simple DIY project if you’re into that as well, instructions and info here:

what i’m hoping for as the firmware develops is independent i2c control of each w/ when using slashes, but i’m super appreciative of the stabilization on the betas right now, so one step at a time :slight_smile:


Strictly speaking you don’t need Slashes with multiple W/ units. They can be connected with i2c cables to whatever you’re using to communicate with your W/ units, presumably Teletype? Though you need the pull-up once there’s about 4 modules in your network.

At any rate, as @ellips_s says, it’s just a board, not a modification to your W/ units. You wouldn’t have to send your current unit in.

AFAIK WR doesn’t sell them independently of sets of multiple W/ bought directly. W/ to W/ communication isn’t implemented yet, so you’d only want/need Slashes at this stage as a convenience to power multiple W/ and communicate with Teletype.

It does look nice for avoiding a rats’ nest of cables. If you’re not up for DIYing the board I’ll bet you could someone here on Lines who would be willing to work with you. The PCBs need to be bought in sets of 3 which means people are likely to have spares. If you paid for the boards and components for 3 for example I would happily build you one and ship it to you.


An extremely kind offer @xenus_dad . I’d definitely be interested — feel free to pm me with a quote!


I was gonna suggest we go in on a pair together since I’m in the same boat as you… but that would only net us one slashes board :joy:


No, they’re ordered in sets of 3 so each of you would get one and I would get one. I was going to suggest to @Olivier that he find a coconspirator. Then the parts cost is split and my contribution is building and shipping.

I’ll PM you both.


The world in which I need more than one Slashes board is a very different one from my current reality. :wink:


For taking out into the field and manipulating environmental recordings. Very practical.


Quick question for @Galapagoose whenever you have time, or anyone else who may know:

Is there any issue with running 2 or 3 W/s off a board built to handle 4? I can’t imagine there would be, but I figured I would ask. It seems like unless depth is a huge concern or that $1 or so extra for the headers for the 4th one matters to you, it would always make sense to build for 4. Edit: or the width of the board, which is legit of course.

Thanks for any input! Best, x_d


This rig makes my head explode with colors. Does this actually exist or is it proposed?


If it exists, it’s seriously lacking in mixers (and attenuators)…


Cold Mac is a mixer :wink:


So is Three Sisters.

@bobbcorr extremely hypothetical/silly, just an example of when someone would actually need two Slashes boards.


Also, DPLPG attenuates, right? After a fashion.

Also, if output volume becomes a Type W/ operator…

Maybe this rack isn’t hypothetical. Maybe it’s destiny.