Mannequins W/ (with)


Definitely DSP running max patches.


Sneak peek


that would be a dream come true!


shame on you for teasing us :rofl:


It wouldn’t be the first module to run gen patches.



That’s some seriously scary noises! :scream:
(and a MOD DUO it seems)


I’ve already pre-sold some modules to make space/offset costs. :heart_eyes:


I’m also saving space and money for this. I promised myself I wouldn’t blindly buy new modules based on hype again but I’m making an exception here!


that video just gave me flashbacks to waking up in the middle of the night this summer in my very rural home to hearing this sound outside in the forest (we didn’t know what it was at the time… it was scary)


I’m holding out enthusiasm until smart-home integration is confirmed.


yeah if it doesn’t connect to my Nest thermostat I’m out


How else you supposed to get those chill beats?

Yea I’ll see myself out.


What on earth!!!


You’ve created a feedback loop there @MatthewAshmore - as if things weren’t freaky enough!


Hahaha I see that! My bad


Apparently W/ has the ability to a) activate Siri b) order pizza c) get it delivered to an undisclosed location.


All the pizzas are going to @MengQiMusic 's house, it looks like. Lucky guy!


Meng Qi posted a new video with W/. Sounds like a tape buffer style thing, maybe like a Phonogene?


That’s my thought kind of. But the whole bidirectional jacks thing is a total head scratcher