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For me it’s exactly the same, new batch arrived in France today… Just a few(big!) time with W/ (lots of emotions)… “And it’s my first post here”…

Just, wanted to speak about the audio tutorial i discovered in my beginning with W/, a great surprise! In my experience, it was like a airplane ticket… The sound is wonderful and it’s a model of interaction, i think. “BRAVO”. I didn’t know about this, and i had read all the treads about W/ in this forum…

After this, a very very good moment! No problems, no bugs and a really addictive and musical module! Concret Music is not dead!! W/ is really the instrument i was looking for… 2hp W/ , much compact than a Revox PR99 !!!. I’m really in love, and happy to say this, after reading all the history of W/. Thank you Mannequins… And thank’s to all the beta tester’s! This instrument is absolutely wonderful!


I’m really appreciating how nicely the Data plays with w/ both for setting precise offsets into That and getting an exact numerical value of where your cvs are at; helpful for finding That sweet spots in Live mode.


Don’t know why it took me this long to think of this but in Live mode, patching a square wave running at audio rates into This will get you into some pretty neat granular territory. It gets even more interesting if you patch a slow LFO into the frequency of the square wave to fluctuate between LFO and audio rates. You’ll start to hear the original source when it’s slowed down but then as its frequency increases it becomes granular again, just barely resembling the source. There’s nice variations too where when the square wave reaches its slowest speed, it might toggle recording on or off, only when its on though do you begin to hear the source creeping back in.


Anyone running two W/s linked together? How does that work out if you don’t have a teletype or anything? Could you post pics of them connected with the slashes board? Thank you!

I was making and selling Slashes boards for a bit.


Side mount:

From a control perspective, Slashes currently does nothing without Teletype. I believe W/ to W/ communication is planned but it is not implemented.

If you’re using two or more, it’s nice just to have fewer cables to deal with, both power and i2c.


Thank you! I’ll slow my roll until W/ to W/ is implemented.


Also anyone should correct me if I’m wrong. My understanding is as far as i2c and W/ are concerned, only Type W/ is currently implemented.

yes, there are a basic set of W/ Type ops for Teletype control of W/. Whenever you have several W/'s connected over I2C, slashes board or no, I believe that currently each of them responds to each op.

Can confirm that all W/ respond to the commands simultaneously. It’s how I test the Slashes :slight_smile:


hiyo, this is my first time sharing anything musical here, but i just snagged a w/ from another lines member last week and finding it to be such a magical little machine. i’ve had the same simple sad sequence running through it for hours now with no effects, tossing on my headphones each time i pass by to discover a new beautiful sparkly glitchy fading loop made just for me. this is the kind of music i’ve always wanted to make but didn’t know how! feels like the start of a fun journey : )


welcome! and thats a beautiful lil tune you got there/my favorite use for my w/'s as well

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Loved that feathers.

Imminent W/ - arrives tomorrow - excited

Has anyone encountered and subsequently overcame any “conceptual roadblocks” when learning to interact w/ W/? That is, if you had an “aha!” moment, what was it?

Also, have you settled on a particular niche that you exclusively use it for (looperish, delayish, samplerish) or does it serve different functions from patch to patch? It seems like sometimes complex modules become one-trick-ponies. And perhaps there’s nothing wrong with that - one eventually finds their voice within a module - but I am curious as to whether the various ways to use a module (W/ in particular) tends to converge or diverge over time.

This past week while using W/ as a delay I turned monitoring OFF and patched the feedback loop myself through a filter, and then ~entangled the controls~ a bit so that turning Cold Mac’s knob affected the amount of repeats but also other parts of the patch… really good fun!

I think if I’m just patching quickly with no intention of saving anything I really like setting W/ up as a delay to add some space to whatever else I’m doing, but so far my favorite use of W/ was to make a looper piece.


For anyone not tracking the w/ beta thread, firmware v 1.2 is now live and adds some great new sync features!


Thanks for the heads up. Just received my very own W/ module the other day but didn’t really get started exploring yet…but will start straight with version 1.2 then…

& we’re back W/ + slashes


Smallest sampler feud? 2hp says their upcoming module is the smallest one:

2HP also say their build quality is good, yet the letters on some of my 2HP modules have faded after 2 months

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Maybe the smallest dedicated sampler? Seems like a much more straightforward implementation of straight sampling. Doesn’t look like you can record to it, sample player maybe.


I suspect that this upload on modular grid isn’t a work of 2hp though. And yes @12eightyseven is obviously correct, a sample player that is. The feud is over :wink: