Mannequins W/ (with)


Loved that feathers.

Imminent W/ - arrives tomorrow - excited

Has anyone encountered and subsequently overcame any “conceptual roadblocks” when learning to interact w/ W/? That is, if you had an “aha!” moment, what was it?

Also, have you settled on a particular niche that you exclusively use it for (looperish, delayish, samplerish) or does it serve different functions from patch to patch? It seems like sometimes complex modules become one-trick-ponies. And perhaps there’s nothing wrong with that - one eventually finds their voice within a module - but I am curious as to whether the various ways to use a module (W/ in particular) tends to converge or diverge over time.


This past week while using W/ as a delay I turned monitoring OFF and patched the feedback loop myself through a filter, and then ~entangled the controls~ a bit so that turning Cold Mac’s knob affected the amount of repeats but also other parts of the patch… really good fun!

I think if I’m just patching quickly with no intention of saving anything I really like setting W/ up as a delay to add some space to whatever else I’m doing, but so far my favorite use of W/ was to make a looper piece.


For anyone not tracking the w/ beta thread, firmware v 1.2 is now live and adds some great new sync features!


Thanks for the heads up. Just received my very own W/ module the other day but didn’t really get started exploring yet…but will start straight with version 1.2 then…


& we’re back W/ + slashes


Smallest sampler feud? 2hp says their upcoming module is the smallest one:


2HP also say their build quality is good, yet the letters on some of my 2HP modules have faded after 2 months


Maybe the smallest dedicated sampler? Seems like a much more straightforward implementation of straight sampling. Doesn’t look like you can record to it, sample player maybe.


I suspect that this upload on modular grid isn’t a work of 2hp though. And yes @12eightyseven is obviously correct, a sample player that is. The feud is over :wink:


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New W/ owners! If you get stuck, we’ve got a thread of potentially helpful suggestions over at ~ Help W/ ~!



Many thanks for the W/Help thread!

I am hopeful that I will be able to figure it out! It’s helpful to have that info in its own zone…




  • Input
    Send a trigger to punch-in and punch-out recording. Each trigger toggles the state of recording.

Might it be possible to modify this behaviour for gates like a momentary switch? e.g. punch-in on high, punch-out on low?

The Intellijel Planar can output gates based on joystick movement and it would be neat to punch in gestures as they modulate my voices.

Another idea where this might be useful is if I were to be using a keyboard that sends gates on key presses, I could punch in/out on each keypress.

I am already using the physical record button and /W Type for a latching punch-in, punch-out and would appreciate an alternative way to record.

Thank you for listening.


I think I’m beginning to understand the cross patching capabilities by leaving it as trigger.

Expecting gate from the following would be difficult:



  • Output

Sends a trigger whenever the play head hits a > cue point.

I think using an end of cycle pulse from another module to punch in and out might be worth keeping the cross patching and chaining capabilities of how it’s currently implemented.

Edit 2:

As an addendum to enable the requested behaviour (Converting gate to rise, fall trigs) use MI Stages (or any function generator):
4 Segments (MI Stages):

  1. red, pot full ccw, gate in
  2. red, pot full ccw, trig 1 out
  3. red (loop), pot full ccw, gate in
  4. red, pot full ccw, trig 2 out
    OR(trig1, trig2) -> W/ THIS


Seriously trying to wrap my head around this manual and the functions etc. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one and give it a go!


Just a question to the owners of 2 W/'s.

How are you using them?
What exactly happens when you connect two with slashes?

Im just gearing up for my second W/ to arrive :star_struck:


Nothing happens yet when you connect them, except now they share a power and I2C connection. I haven’t really set out to explore two W/s yet, but beyond stereo, I’m excited about “inner / outer” loop setups, using one as a sampler / recorder and the other as a looper, etc.


im thinking polyearthsea would work well with 2. I have a second w/ pending also. I think recording and duplication of the exact same loop would be interesting for triple phasing - orginal seq + 2 w/ + individual +/- speed up/down on the w/‘s


I just use them as a stereo w/ and mult all the cv to both for synced stops and starts and then have out of phase lfo’s to THAT subtly for tapes that drift off of each other and back