Mannequins W/ (with)

Yes done all that. I’ve had it since release so I’m almost certain it’s no user error. Especially considering the tape does not erase when I try to delete it. It’s probably a messed up SD, but I wouldn’t know how to get it cleaned up.

hey @Oneven
is it ok if i move your question to the “with help” thread?

hopefully you get some assistance to fix your module…

I think it’s a bug so might be better send it to the beta thread? Whatever works best for you

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actually good point…go ahead and repost the question when you get a chance

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Thinking of picking up a second W/ and a Slashes with the idea that I’d like to have two channels (left and right) always patched thru W//.

My question is how can I trigger both simultaneously to start recording? I’d like the idea of using a foot pedal or maybe a key on GRID if PolyES were to ultimately be able to address W/.


Well, it wouldn’t start playback but you can send w/ trigger in to punch in recording, so a simple mult could help you there

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Guess I’ll have to learn the next step in using This/That instead of purely manual triggering record. Thanks.

if you have the latest version of TT, the WS.REC function should do it! my understanding is that both w// respond to i2c directions simultaneously. i set it up like this:



oh man, clever use of EVERY, I hadn’t ever considered writing something like that!

(omg now that I’m considering it, I wonder if WS.REC FLIP would work the same way? Teletype golf is a silly game)


Yep, I use flip for w/ functions. Works great.


day 2 w/ w/ has been nothing short of amazing. will grab a w// as soon as budget allows. in the meantime its pairing quite nicely with Morphagene- multing cv from Cold Mac to varispeed and That allows interesting control over 2 unique tape machines.

It might not have a witty name like “Just Type” but it will talk Teletype as well as it’s own dialect.

— whimsicalraps (@whimsicalraps) December 12, 2017


EDIT: “crow/” (duh)


did this last night w/ w/ (right) and morphagene (left). started recording a simple line to w/ only to discover that a firmware update had been previously recorded onto the tape, so I used it.

the people of Kiritimati are among the first to experience the new year - happy new year to all.


The bitcrushing on w/ is pleasant.


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are you controlling w/ with grid here?

mannequinsWcheat.pdf (44.9 KB)

I had a hard time wrapping my head around FW 1.2 and all those THIS and THATs, did some serious copy / paste work and ended up re-arranging existing text from WR in this cheat sheet. Maybe someone will find some use of it.


I find this extremely useful - exactly what I was looking for/considering making myself. Thank you!

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Thank you for sharing this/that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks a lot for sharing

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W/ has v/oct control!

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