Mannequins W/ (with)


The clear tape function should clear cue points.

I got a teletype last week and, I agree, being able to add cue points via TT would be a big time update.



This is what I came to ask and would love if that development were to happen. Having direct visual feedback of W/ through Grids would open up possibilities - basically, a single track MLR?



Something that would be really nice (but likely more complex for the user to keep track of) is if W/ saved more of its state across power-cycles.

E.g. if I want to use the live.sample feature but also have live.dub’s +4V overdub setting, I have to set it up every time I turn on the synth. It’s not hard, but it does take some repatching: setting up a +4V source, switching selector modes twice, etc.



I’ve been getting my head wrapped around w/. While doing so I found it helpful to make notes. Those notes quickly started to turn into a fairly comprehensive cheat sheet. And because I’m bad at time management :smirk: (and well, in for a penny, in for a pound I guess…) I turned it into a web-based reference. It’s mobile friendly, so you can use it away from your computer, but it’s also great if you have a gigantic monitor where you’ll be able to see a big chunk of it all at once.

There’s a lot that could have gone wrong here, from simple typos/editing mistakes to confusion about the workings of w/, so I’d definitely appreciate any corrections anybody finds.

I hope you find it useful.

Special thanks to @alanza (for answering a zillion questions in the various w/ threads) and @klacke (for posting a helpful cheat sheet).



28 characters of awesome

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Super job!! Any chance of a printable version??

In the Live LEDs section/play/transport “orange to white”, the “white” is in orange. And just below in the sample piece, the same.

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thanks so much for this!!

having all of this info in one place is invaluable. this answered several questions i’ve been wondering about, but wasn’t curious enough to dig through 1500 thread responses for.

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Yes. My original notes were in the form of a Google doc. However, I’ve made changes/fixes since I transferred the project to a web page and I’ll need to sync those changes back to the doc.

Alternately, I may just play with alternate style sheet that inverts the colors that would be suitable for printing. Either way, I’ll post it here when I get that done. Hopefully in the next few days to a week.

Thanks! Fixed.



This is amazing!! Thank you!!!

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Fully responsive, nice! Thanks for doing this



This is incredible, thanks so much for sharing!

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Thank you for offering this to the community for free! If you choose to put the repo up, folks could create PRs against it and help out instead of just demanding improvements to this amazing free thing that has been offered freely!

Making the repo public is your call of course. Again, thank you for this gift to the community!



Yep, the repo is public. Have at it:



I have a 2hp space in a small case and got thinking about how to use it. How durable do people feel the W/ is? Ignoring the concerns about the firmware/bugs (which seem to be ironed out?) that little toggle switch and buttons has always had me wondering ‘huh, I wonder when those will break?’

Do people feel like it’s durable? Has anyone had issues with that breaking or losing responsiveness in some weird way?

Thanks for the input. :slight_smile:



The switches and buttons feel surprisingly durable in person imo. They are very low profile. The screw at the bottom of the faceplate came loose on one of mine, but it tightened up no problem and hasn’t loosened since.

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so far so good! i got mine as part of the first batch, i play it regularly, and everything still feels super solid. same story about the little bolts on the faceplate, but they were easy to tighten with one of the bits included in the tool kit i got for PC repair. my module still freezes up every now and then, but that’s another story.

one thing to keep in mind is that it may be a tight squeeze in a 2hp space if there are power ribbons directly adjacent to it. i was initially planning on mounting mine to the right of my 4ms row power, but had to put a spacer in between them.



w/ is actually more solid than i expected. feel very confident jamming on the rocker switch.

it’s a bit shallower than the other 2hp (size and brand) modules i’ve had but yeah definitely mount it next to something shallower if you can. also basically mount it at the edge of a row

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I will echo all on how robust the build feels. The little toggle even has a little spring loaded releif if you push in on it so that its not stressing the mount points if it gets bumped. The little tactile buttons do not stand too high and still feel nice and responsive after 6-8 months of jamming on them.

My only complaints are not with the build but with the firmware which freezes if i completely ignore w/ for too long after power up. I’ll often just set a loop playing muted in the background if i intent to use w/ in a patch but not for at least 30+ min after startup. This seems like a functional workaround when i remember to do it with the most recent firmware build. The strange clicks and pops seem to be gone (unless you put them in intentionally, i rather liked their effect some times).



Let’s reflect: tomorrow W/ has been out for exactly one year.

How are you feeling it? Still using it as much as you thought you would?



It was a rocky start and I even had to send it in at one point until the guys figured out that I had a defective SD card. After getting over my poor 55 year old memory and finally getting mostly familiar with the controls I’m fully in love with my W/. The speed at which I can just record something into it for nearly endless amounts of time and then send more fragments over the top makes it absolutely unique and essential for me.