Mannequins W/ (with)


W/ is very fun and a big value add in a small case, I use it at the edge of a 54hp lunchbox and it feels super durable.


very rocky start, which has caused me to pretty much avoid using mine altogether since I don’t want to integrate it into a live rig only to have it be the least reliable part of it. I am hesitant to sell them since on paper they do a lot of things I’m very interested in and it seems like the firmware is getting to the point where it might be reliable enough to invest the time to fully learn it, but the learning curve / their UI’s (to me) near-total lack of intuitiveness is another hurdle tbh. I’m hoping to update mine once I’m back from this trip and spend some time figuring out a workflow with them.


I haven’t found a crucial place for it in my regular process/workflow - very keen to hear how people have integrated it well. But for me it has hugely excelled in dedicated sessions recording extended passes which I have then cut up and re-sampled, building tracks from later.

I’m interested to see how future developments for W/ Type will change my use of it.


364 days ago when i preordered it i said:

that was when i had roughly 3 months of euro experience under my belt; i still agree and i definitely don’t regret my purchase. like many of us, i have had a love-hate relationship with w/. when it’s working it’s a dream, when it’s not working it’s… not a dream. the new features we’ve seen (limited w/type, selector mode) have made it much more useful and fun to play for me, and i’m very excited for what is to come. though i have fun with it every time i play it, i’m nowhere close to having it “figured out.” i’d recommend it to anyone who has at least two of the following: limited rack space, patience to learn the ins and outs of an obtuse UI and firmware, teletype, a way to get acoustic instruments into the box.


In a similar boat as others, especially around live usage. If there was a way to clear the tape/remove cues without reboot, that would help me quite a bit (even if it was a TT command).

The depth of the module excites me and I know that there’s a lot of territory to explore. I’ve created some really unexpected and compelling sounds while experimenting.


This, and the ability to add cues from TT.


I never use mine, I cannot figure out how… at some point I’m going to see if I can meet up with Alanza or another Boston lines member who know W/ well to test it out and hopefully share some insights on how to use it!

Lunch on me! :sunglasses:

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I am holding onto mine for the moment (have a pair), but I still find them a little frustrating to just pick up and use. This is partially also on me; I haven’t taken the time to develop the muscle memory needed for them to be effective. That said, I think there’s something to be said for modules being somewhat self explanatory, and W/ is not that.

I think they will become SO amazing if more robust Teletype commands are developed for them, and also if they become able to be addressed independently. I understand WR are working on other things, and also most likely burned out by dealing with the launch and subsequent issues. That said, it still feels unfinished.


I don’t use mine terribly often. Patches tend to survive on my system for an average of a week. The fact that mode isn’t preserved on power cycle means I need to unpatch w/ each time, then re-patch.

My most common use case at the moment is “sketch book:” capturing fun little loops which fail to materialize into full songs, but which I don’t want to allow to evaporate altogether.

I also use it to capture Morphagene mangling (often for feeding back into Morphagene).


I just ordered one lol. I’m getting it primarily to use as a live sampler in an improvising context along with my guitar. I’ve been looking for a way to live record/mess with something in real time, and I need somewhere to apply my dormant Street Fighter Alpha 3 button combo skillz.


I also don’t use mine. On paper I’m wild about it, but the awkward start threw me off and I have yet to return to it with the requisite headspace. I don’t want to sell it either, I’m hopeful we just needed some time apart and that a fresh start will pay dividends when I can summon the energy.

I also think extending TT integration would make a difference, hopeful that will continue to develop.


Still learning mine, have come to enjoy it recently as a straightforward looper, using a footswitch to punch in and out, then playing with halving/doubling the tape speed. Always sounds great to my ears. I still am left wondering why it was made so small and button-combo-ey… even if it were just 4HP that would cut down on a lot of interface frustration because a knob could be added to achieve various things that you typically have to use an external offset to do.

(P.S. I’m potentially looking for a second one for some stereo ideas I have in the off chance anyone is thinking about selling :nerd_face: )


i’m a fan. i found it to be a nice if finicky looping/delay device at first; with the ability to combine CV recording/output it became the kind of device I was always hoping for. being able to start a whole patch from a loop (with instant clocking via cues or cv ramp) is so great too.


I’m definitely enjoying having it- actually have two in my rig right now. They’re fun and easy to work with since I use them for basic duties- one is a simple looper and one as a dedicated delay that I can pitch shift at a whim. I find myself doing what I used to do on a Morphagene on one of them- looping a couple parts sound on sound and patching an attenuator to lower the pitch and just listening for a while. It’s wonderful.

One thing I will say is that I do get crackly noises and pops from time to time but it’s always random when it happens. It’s when the loop will start over but some days it does it and some days it doesn’t. Some days I even enjoy it though haha so I would say that I’m a fan of the w/.


I haven’t gotten into too much of the more advanced functionality (learning time has been spent elsewhere when I sit down with instruments) but it’s great for simple looping/SOS as mentioned above. the UX doesn’t bother me since that’s only like 2-3 things I need to remember and for my use case the size is a positive. it looks like we’ll have more control if connected to crow via i2c, at which point you might be able to write your own code to extend cue/etc functionality.


I don’t see how Crow makes any difference. Yes it will talk i2c but the issue is that W/ needs to implement the ops for Crow or TT to call.


yeah, hence my use of “might” :wink:

as of now it looks like the same ops as TT (tho I don’t have one, just guessing):


Excited to spend time with it again now that my life settled down a bit

To echo many others, it has lasted a year in my case w/o me selling it off…or using it very much. My focus shifted once norns came out (i originally planned w/ to be my main sampler). Having portable battery powered MLR made me less willing to devote practice time to w/

Also expected to own 2 or 3 but i’d rather push the limits of the 1 i do own (in combination with other loopers) for right now


I feel like I should explore it more as a CV looper than an audio looper, maybe


Oh I didn’t think of this. Like that idea!!! Might have to try this out.