Mannequins W/ (with)


Stop teasing us @MengQiMusic. :rofl:


Do we know how big it is yet?


That’s my question as well! Gotta plan accordingly. :slight_smile:


Judging by the latest teaser video, it’s probably small enough to hang on a wall.


this absolutely made my morning, how pleasant~


Beautiful. Can’t wait to learn more.


I recently brought my Just Friends to the Mannequins work shop in NY for repair. It took every ounce of will power I had not to ask them about the W/. I also had to hide the fact that I was straining my peripheral vision the entire time trying to catch a glimpse at what was on their work benches. So curious!


don’t fool us. I bet you signed an NDA.


amazing. can’t wait urrrgghh


" grid -> tt -> W/ "

Do you think when he manually affects the sound he is twisting the Teletype PARAM encoder? Perhaps to change the slew time on a CV out?


There’s been radio silence since Meng Qi’s recent Instagram… the @whimsicalraps Twitter account is quiet…

too quiet


The incantations, spells and sacrifices necessary to get the module into the world are no joke. You don’t want to get all distracted with social media and screw up a hex.



Roger that. It is one thing to manage expectations, but another entirely to manage enthusiasms. Especially after such compelling and typically cryptic teases.


My 0.02$
Its funcions are defined by the MaxMSP patch/patches you have loaded in it.

Deal with it.

(I think the patch he’s using is a multi tap delay/tape recorder with a downsample~ object in the fb loop)


That would be consistent with some of his comments on The Twitter about making tools for people to use as opposed to just another product for them to buy. If W/ is a coding platform you can use to do whatever you want, then…yeah. That would work. Kind of a Teletype Junior. Or a Rossum Satellite (but cooler). Or a eurorack Organelle with MaxMSP instead of PD.


that would be sad, PD being FOSS

and MaxMSP doesn’t run on linux


yea… gotta say that max/msp seems out of character to me…



why do you say so?


Given that gen~ patches can be compiled to run on embedded platforms without Max, I wonder if they can also be authored without Max somehow?


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t run Max.

The bits of Max patches shown by Meng Qi were used to generate tape speeds corresponding to note transpositions. This doesn’t imply max is running on W/, he could just have outputted values to a CV input on the module. And actually, knowing he used Grids via Teletype to control tape speed, he probably made this program to generate values for Teletype to send out. It also doesn’t seem to fall within his design philosophy — there are other things out there running pd. Not only this, but he wrote his own DSP library to make W/ do it’s thing. And really, we got a glimpse of the software and hardware — we know it involves a stereo tape machine from the naming conventions, and that seems to be coherent with the teasers we got.