Mannequins W/ (with)


A scan of the searchers reveals it reads from SD cards as well… and references to tapeheads…

Is it just me or does this feel like a wee mini Whimsical Morphagene?


Just Friends follows the habit of other Mannequins modules by itself containing multiple, independent functional blocks, driving them with unified controls while providing ‘relational’ elements. This desire propels the idea of complex interactive systems where small gestures have manifold influence.

I think this statement shows the heart of Mannequins - and I can’t see how it’s a style of design that can get us to a host for max patches. I personally am expecting to not understand whatever W/ is.


Excellent sleuthing, @simondemeule

If it is, I hope it is a lot simpler than Morphagene. Both in terms of the interface and its functionality.

Hang on… Doesn’t the / look a lot like an analog tape edit? You know, razor blade and editing block. (I’m not sure of the terminology…Google says “Splicing Block” )





That would be nifty, perhaps paired with walk / teletype to trigger loops/cuts??


/hopes it is not similar to Morphagene


I think we have a winner


I wonder if @MengQiMusic was hinting at lengths of tape in the annotations of this video.

/… , /… etc


Going from evidence so far, here’s my final guess before I shut up and wait for an official announcement:

  • An extensible multi-tap delay based around the idea of simulating a tape delay with multiple read heads.
  • Each module can work independently or add more taps to a master unit (I’m basing this off of the W/, W//, and W/// bundles).
  • They probably connect together over i2c for communication. They could potentially receive very detailed tap length calculations via TT (hence the Max image for tap length calculation… no actual DSP is there and Max can’t be exported as DSP patches outside of gen~ export.


My guess is that it’s a passive mult and they were just fucking with everyone this entire time.


New thing fatigue is setting in…


I’ll wait until it actually comes out and prefer to talk about something when it is released

This reminds me of Tony at Makenoise posting a picture of him breadboarding an oscillator and me posting it on muffwiggler. Lesson learned, he didn’t do that again after people speculated for months/years on exactly what type of oscillator it was. Sometimes no information is better. They stopped (along with Intellijel) showing too much info and just released the module very shortly after announcing, the same as what Mutable do.


Or, we can engage in good-hearted speculation and hint-following and goofy guessing. It’s All Good, Do Your Thing.


Seems like whimsical kept dropping hints though. I mean, a git hub repo called ‘the seekers’?


thats true - the difference is Tony at Makenoise posted the picture innocently not knowing the impact it was going to have - there was no marketing strategy behind it. He didn’t realise people would be that interested in the DPO and how popular his company was.

This is different - this is a very deliberate marketing strategy to drip feed info and create a buzz. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying that other manufacturers realised it causies more harm than good, as people in speculation threads start asking why the module takes so long to be released. This creates negative publicity. I’ve seen this with Intellijel. XAOC, Macro Machines.


Oh goodness, well if it is a multi-tap delay, I hope it’s announced soon. I’ve been meaning to get one for my case!


yes for sure, its all good fun :slight_smile:


Tape loop modeller. Thats my guess.


If it goes on for a long time like this, it’s not a good strategy. I’m getting bored. :frowning:


I feel like the quiet represents an imminent announcement; their nose-down getting their ducks in a row.