Map Corps: University #20 monolith.xml

MAPSQUEST is out now:

featuring these 18 lines artists:

• license,
• run riot run,
• Crystal Crumb,
• colmkil,
• What We Talk About,
• Obakegaku,
• Mahanahan,
• Konstantine,
• Non Verbal Poetry,
• Inconvenient Body,
• romjay,
• Sent≠Received,
• Alanza,
• reg.barkley,
• LA EL,
• Matt Lowery,
• scanner darkly,


Sad to have missed the listening party [* shakes fist in futility at the intransigence of time zones & circadian rhythms *] but downloading the album now while #FirstCoffee percolates…

And, possibly tangential (apologies if so, am still getting my head round the deeper concepts of the MAPSQUEST project) but this tweet just wandered through my timeline and struck me as perceptive in the context of times/places and all points between, particularly after some of the news media images of the weekend (burning sea in the Gulf Of Mexico and unstoppable landslides near Tokyo):

Developers naming streets after the plants and animals whose habitats have been destroyed to build housing estates and industrial parks. The memory of place abstracted into meaninglessness. Mapping the ecological ruin. [source]

Right. Coffee’s ready - anyone else want a cup? :grin: :coffee:


@Helen that quote makes me think about how this has been going on for centuries. my hometown was Wauconda, IL which both city and state are named after native american people who (i’m pretty certain) no longer exist.

here’s the vod:


just checked out the VOD… so sorry i missed it live(and you didn’t even change the skin from default winamp: genius!)
hope to be there for the next one :raised_hands:
(especially sad i didn’t get to do drugs with Tyler’s mom :sob: :world_map: :smoking: )

favorite quote :point_down:
“regbarkleigh: breathing is live coding”

best lyndairene release EVAR! superb tracks y’all :clap: :clap:


unreal how good this album is. everything fits so well together, sounds like a single artist even though its a compilation.

@license just incredible. love how you manipulated silence into being an instrument on its own - it really fills the space between the other sounds in a neat way. also it sounds like the bass rattling pieces of dust atop the speaker.

@alanza loooove this song. the intro is so captivating and the interplay between the kick and the sample is perfect, its like music breathing in and out.

@tyleretters i could listen to these harmonies for hours…thank you for making the song long.

thank you all for this defining album and plotting out amazing space of musical territory.


@rajaTheResidentAlien saturday is flash crash !!!

@infinitedigits thank youuuuu. b minor forever. writes itself.


Thank you for the reminder… plus i got @infinitedigits norns/sc workshop coming up after that, too. This weekend will be life-changing :muscle: :raised_hands:


map corps is getting into the flash crash spirit. click the ??? at the bottom.


messYouUp(20 chars);


I couldn’t resist adding a Deus Ex reference


I clicked ??? And then spent 10 minutes just staring at the result


new post from @Zeke_B is up!

So, today I’d like to talk about M. My understanding of the importance of M took some time. (By M I’m referring to the Metronome script in each scene on Teletype for those who aren’t aware.) In the interest of full-disclosure, I am not a dev and do not take to coding naturally. Sure, I’ve done some courses on CodeAcademy to explore if that was something I could awaken in myself, but nothing ever took or stuck. I share this because my journey with Teletype has been a labor of love, emphasis on the labor. :relaxed:


at noon pacific (in ~40 minutes) i’ll be streaming porting crow’s new sequins feature to norns. come hang out! i’ll post the link here when live.


haha i was waiting for this !

does it even need to be ported ? it looked completely self-contained when i read it over

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new post is up from the stream today:

@andrew you are absolutely correct. straight copy pasta.


Contributed a new post, Accelerando Heat Death, to the University.

A Teletype Haiku you can try for yourself our listen to as a performance.

As the universe expands, iterations of its thermodynamic swan song are simultaneously calculated and performed by Galaxy Clusters 1 through 6, accelerando.


new community post of all the ur-texts of mapcore is live. excerpt:

“I’m a fly on the wall of the house that mapcorps builds, and it feels to me maybe a bit like a map of the House of Leaves, or like each time you open your GPS a different layer is turned on, like one time it shows peak foliage viewing, and another we see the geological composition of surface minerals, then what restaurants are open until midnight, then how slime mold would distribute itself compared to the Interstate Freeway system. I’m super into it. Sending appreciation to y’all.” - @wheelersounds


grandpa biff etters, the first and last stump fiddlist

"Our time was up,
  the island dissolved,
And I was once again alone,
  looking at the scheduled events of the day.

Zoom's calcium-white and Silicon-Valley-blue,
  a grotesque approximation of the summer sky."




new post is up from @sixolet :diamonds:

Adrift on the waves, it just so happened that my boat began rocking in a most delightful manner — rich and yet simple, four smaller crests matched against three larger crests, again and again, then rougher, seven smaller crests for every five larger ones, and then I was thrust ashore on the beach of an island I had not heard the like of before.