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Love everything going on with this series so far!

Just wanted to pop in to say to @nonverbalpoetry that the video you posted has inspired me about Teletype/modular in a way that I haven’t really felt before (although I have seen so many builds/systems on lines). Just the ergonomics of how you’ve set up the modular, with the grid and the keyboard made me realise that it’s just one console/machine that you can sit in front of and make wonders with. Mine is probably the least interesting insight in this whole thread but that was just a “wow” moment for me! Thanks for sharing.


Modular cyberdecks are mapcore!!

Thanks :slight_smile: I was heavily inspired by that thread linked above. I live in a really small space (barge) so having everything compact and packable is super important! I have learnt from experience that if it’s too sprawling and there are too many power sockets to plug in and satellite devices to chain up I can never motivate myself to set it up and make music.

@zulianis easel setup also somewhat inspired this all in one console setup I have :slight_smile:

And more generally, thanks everyone for the love on the post. Can only speak for myself and not @renegog but parts of it felt really personal and important, and seeing people enjoy it feels real nice.


I’m loving this piece @nonverbalpoetry ! Steve Reich meets modem!


I find this really funny because literally the patch before this I was using actual dial up modem samples!


Had fun pinging a filter and ended up with a bouncing ball generator! Many thanks for pushing me down this route - I tend to get stuck on using modules in the same old ways. Spent the afternoon with a renewed sense of excitement.
This is a function generator output running into a filter that is completely patched into itself.


@wheelersounds oh my gosh house of leaves is such a good touchpoint to this project. i read that book in 2007ish, via researching the influences of silent hill. it absolutely changed me, especially because i was going to college for graphic design at the time. would it be ok if i added your observation here to the exegesis?

@Fardles thanks so much for reading :slight_smile:

@ramphands woahhhh this is so freaking cool. what was your filter source?


Thank you for the wonderful nudge into a new world. Yeah the bouncing ball effect was rather surprising! I’ve knocked this together in modulargrid to show how it came to be:
bouncing patch
The bandpass output is patched to modulate the frequency, the 2-pole lowpass output modulates the FM and the VCA-linked 4-pole output modulates the resonance. The standard 4-pole output is…the output.

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you are cordially invited to the MAPSQUEST listening party this saturday night on

space time
los angeles 19:00
denver 20:00
chicago 21:00
new york 22:00
london 3:00
berlin 4:00
moscow 5:00
beijing 10:00
tokyo 11:00
sydney 12:00

this compilation album was made in the last two weeks by the teletype studies group

the album is out sunday, july 4th.


i don’t understand, but i love it


preorder now:

All proceeds will be donated to the Union of Concerned Scientists.



What a great site and inspiring posts! I won’t make it for the listening party because of timezone, but I am looking forward to the release and will explore some filter pinging now :stuck_out_tongue:

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MAPSQUEST is out now:

featuring these 18 lines artists:

• license,
• run riot run,
• Crystal Crumb,
• colmkil,
• What We Talk About,
• Obakegaku,
• Mahanahan,
• Konstantine,
• Non Verbal Poetry,
• Inconvenient Body,
• romjay,
• Sent≠Received,
• Alanza,
• reg.barkley,
• LA EL,
• Matt Lowery,
• scanner darkly,


Sad to have missed the listening party [* shakes fist in futility at the intransigence of time zones & circadian rhythms *] but downloading the album now while #FirstCoffee percolates…

And, possibly tangential (apologies if so, am still getting my head round the deeper concepts of the MAPSQUEST project) but this tweet just wandered through my timeline and struck me as perceptive in the context of times/places and all points between, particularly after some of the news media images of the weekend (burning sea in the Gulf Of Mexico and unstoppable landslides near Tokyo):

Developers naming streets after the plants and animals whose habitats have been destroyed to build housing estates and industrial parks. The memory of place abstracted into meaninglessness. Mapping the ecological ruin. [source]

Right. Coffee’s ready - anyone else want a cup? :grin: :coffee:


@Helen that quote makes me think about how this has been going on for centuries. my hometown was Wauconda, IL which both city and state are named after native american people who (i’m pretty certain) no longer exist.

here’s the vod:


just checked out the VOD… so sorry i missed it live(and you didn’t even change the skin from default winamp: genius!)
hope to be there for the next one :raised_hands:
(especially sad i didn’t get to do drugs with Tyler’s mom :sob: :world_map: :smoking: )

favorite quote :point_down:
“regbarkleigh: breathing is live coding”

best lyndairene release EVAR! superb tracks y’all :clap: :clap:


unreal how good this album is. everything fits so well together, sounds like a single artist even though its a compilation.

@license just incredible. love how you manipulated silence into being an instrument on its own - it really fills the space between the other sounds in a neat way. also it sounds like the bass rattling pieces of dust atop the speaker.

@alanza loooove this song. the intro is so captivating and the interplay between the kick and the sample is perfect, its like music breathing in and out.

@tyleretters i could listen to these harmonies for hours…thank you for making the song long.

thank you all for this defining album and plotting out amazing space of musical territory.


@rajaTheResidentAlien saturday is flash crash !!!

@infinitedigits thank youuuuu. b minor forever. writes itself.


Thank you for the reminder… plus i got @infinitedigits norns/sc workshop coming up after that, too. This weekend will be life-changing :muscle: :raised_hands: