Mapping arc4 in mlrv

is there a simple way to map an arc4 to the group channel volumes in mlrv?

wondering about this as well.

i was looking around mlrv the other day and saw the arc 2 / arc 4 tabs. they seemed to recognize my arc, but i couldn’t get any noticeable results or find documentation. how were those intended to function?

in stewing on how i’d use an arc with mlr i came up with volume for 4 groups, with group level metering on arc leds. toggle or hold a button on grid and switch to send mode to control aux send levels for each group. maybe another button press goes into fx mode, or generic midi cc mode so you can then control 4 separate fx parameters. but then you’ve got pages to jump thru and i generally avoid pages…

Is this old thread any use?

@declutter thanks, that shines some light on the intended functionality for sure.

i’ve always used returns.maxpat and mapped via IAC midi.

crazy because it means using max 7 and max 5 at once.

returns in 7 / mlr in 5?

tried returns the other day - it recognized (and responded to) the arc, but there was no led feedback… max might be outdated though.