Maps w/ Trent <> 7/16 4PM EDT

Going live now :slight_smile: Hope to see your lovely smiling faces!


Just want to say thanks to @Galapagoose for the stream. As someone with a moderate amount of experience with JF/TT but very little with Crow, I thought it was incredibly illuminating to see and hear the process in real time!


The archive is captured here with the gists for the first & second hours. The stream dropped out toward the end and by the time I had it running again there wasn’t time to finish the script, so I left the last 10 mins off. I’ll try and finish the script and demo it at the start of next week’s broadcast. Thanks for tuning in, and as always let me know if there’s things that you’re excited to learn more about!


This series has been really great. Thank you @Galapagoose for taking the time to inspire new ways of thinking about composing and sharing a deeper understanding of the monome/mannequin symbiosis.


Dang! I missed this LIVE. will be watching the archive. I enjoyed catching this live the first time as it felt really good to change things up during shelter in place. Thanks again @Galapagoose!


I’ve polished up and collected those scripts and songs I had shared above in their own thread: Midcentury modular - a weekend // a collection of songs + crow asl/sequencer scripts thanks again for all the inspiration!


loving these - didn’t make last night live (was too busy making music with crow/norns - see the latest tracks thread) but watching now. Finding them inspirational and insightful :slight_smile:

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I was playing around on the scripts in the video yesterday - very cool and interesting way to make sequences. Inspiring stuff. Thanks for sharing all this. I find it difficult playing with code, especially starting from a blank page. So having templates examples to work from is a big help.

@jlmitch5 loving these scripts - I played about with the tonight script, and had to stop! So good, with reverb and delay, I deliberately stopped as I felt like I was cheating :slight_smile: Definitely digging into the code though and trying to make something of my own.


Awesome, glad you are getting some use out of them! I actually used Kubota as a reference as I was getting the recordings prepped. Such a beautiful sounding record.


Hey thanks, I am working on the follow up at the moment :slight_smile:


In today’s session we’ll break down the Cold Mac module by recreating pieces of it with crow. Talk about the ‘SPAN’ and ‘INTONE’ ideas from Three Sisters & Just Friends, then come up with a new macro-control script based on your suggestions.

4pm EDT


Hey Trent! Love Fridays :slight_smile: *in Australia

Could you please turn your mic up today Please?

I finally got a chance to sit down and watch all of these. I enjoyed them quite a bit. I just ordered a crow because of these.


Today’s stream goes live in 2hours.

Harmonics, Subharmonics, and everything just in between

With all the hype around subharmonics with the release of Moog’s Subharmonicon, it seems a good time to dive into what they are, why they can be interesting, and how to implement them. I’ll demo the sounds available with Mangrove & Just Friends, but also demonstrate how to use crow to access those same tones with standard oscillators.

Next we’ll combine both the overtone (harmonics) and undertone (subharmonics) series to dabble in the world of just intonation. Time permitting we’ll bring all this together into a 2/3 part JI sequencer…


The stream is live.

And for those interested in the function tracker idea from ep2, there’s a gist up now.


Really enjoyed the stream yesterday. Here’s synced Mangroves with a 60 sec (0 to -5v) m-shaped LFO on the “carrier” formant. Love the melody that emerges.


Such an inspiring series!

Tune in today at 4pm! This one will be a brief but wild ride. Exploring feedback, particularly with analog signal paths to shift things you know into entirely new zones.

There’s a great self-patched Three Sisters percussion machine, and some Mangrove x-patches. Plus a nice Just Friends & Three Sisters self-modulation patch using some perfect ratios from last weeks session on (sub)harmonics.

This one’s only an hour!


Loking forward to the elusive Cold Mac feedback oscillator patch :wink:

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Thanks so much for your time and energy in the series – it isn’t helping my anticipation of Three Sisters’ being available again but it’s opening new worlds for understanding Crow etc.


Aw dang, missed this one, caught the last 30 seconds only…

Anyone have patch notes for that 3 sis self patch?