Maps w/ Trent <> 9/3 4PM EDT

I’m starting a twitch channel to chat about … things. Musical coding, instrument design, prototyping, and on. It’s called…

Maps w/ Trent

Ep1: An introduction to ASL for musical movement.

I’ll take you on a journey through the motivation for & utilization of slopes for musical modulation & describing melodies. I’ll walk you through the basics of writing lfos, envelopes & sequencers with ASL, and hopefully make some nice sounds along the way. Sneak peak of the forthcoming slope quantizer too. Q&A is very welcome and I’d love to focus on whatever learning goals the audience has. Feel free to comment below if you can’t tune in live.

I’ll be recording the stream for later upload.

When: Thursday 4/23 4-6pm EST




awesome, can’t wait! i have had diving into asl on my creative todo list for a while now, will be awesome to see it in action

possibly slightly late for me these days (somewhere along the line I started going to bed early and getting up early…) but am really interested so hoping you record and upload - will try and catch some of it though

I won’t make it, but would love to watch after :slight_smile:

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i’ll be in a zoom meeting then but can’t wait to watch back later !

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this is very interesting topic! but i won’t be able to watch it live (because of the timezone i’m in) but would love to watch the recorded session.

I’ll be watching as long as there’s a reminder. I do wish you were also sending this out on Youtube as the chat on Twitch is typically rather inane due to how many find these channels out of boredom as where on Youtube it seems quite a bit better. Though you wouldn’t know it if you read comments on videos.

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I’m stoked to tune in and thanks for doing it. Those ASL functions look really interesting!

I was on a twitch chat for a 24 unreleased music broadcast (the awesome and the chat was great - guess depends a lot on the audience. I do understand that twitch gets more ‘drive by’ audience so…

I’m very new to twitch though

ASL is still a question mark for me, so I’m very interested in this. Will try my best to tune in, but highly appreciate it being archived for those who can’t!

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Is there a Twitch link yet?


Starting in 5ish!


Thanks to everyone who tuned in!

Here’s the [twitch.lua]( script i was working on throughout the stream.

I’ll upload the video & drop a link here when it’s done.

Let me know any thoughts and if this would be interesting to do again / what would be interesting to focus on!


Please do this again! not only did it shed a lot of light on how to use ASL and crow but was useful for seeding ideas! Thank you.


Seconding that. This was wonderful and very informative / inspiring, thanks for doing it! I plan to watch again when it’s uploaded for study purposes (plus I missed about 40 minutes due to lunch). Would definitely tune in again, though I have no suggestions on what to focus on.

Actually, might be neat to see some Just Friends-specific stuff. Starting with a simple script and getting increasingly complex.


Thanks for the interesting chat. Was only able to catch a small part so i’m looking forward to catching up on a recording.

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I’m super bummed that I couldn’t make the live broadcast. I’m very excited to watch the upload once it is posted.

as a Prospective Synthesizer Owner I’d be really into watching a video on cold mac, or maybe just a general whimsical patching study if thats too specific

or perhaps a ‘watch trent make a patch with all of the cold macs’


that would be really cool actually. One of the nice things about the stream last night was getting into how you think about the device

ha yes. What happens when you achieve critical mass of cold Macs…we must know!!!1@!


Hey study buddies, can anyone build the latest crow beta for me? I have made incredible progress since last night’s stream and I want to share it, but it relies on the faderbank code extension from this week.

Here’s what I’ve got working: Multiple pages of faders for your faderbank device–with soft pickups between pages–sent straight to the ER-301! Who thought 16 faders was enough? This takes your 16n and turns it into a 64n. Plus you can leave your faderbank in follower mode full-time.

(Disclaimer: If my script works for more than 2 faders…)

EDIT: Grabbed the newest crow.bin as suggested by Trent below but it’s broken my script :no_mouth: Now the “fun” begins.


The stream is live here! Seems super low quality which I’ll look into for next time. Doing it again next Thursday, same time, same place! Content is TBD but appreciate the comments!

@desolationjones you can grab the firmware from the crow github’s ‘Actions’ section where it builds all the new binaries to confirm nothing is broken.