Marc Hasselbalch - "Gentagelsen" (cassette + digital)


Are we all tired of organ music yet?

Today I’m releasing “Gentagelsen” (Danish: the repetition) on the wonderful Danish label Forlaget Kornmod, both on tape and digital. The release consist of 4 tracks, who are all based on recordings of the church organ found in Haderslev cathedral, recorded in February 2020. The recordings have been manipulated with tape and computer and assembled in December 2021.
Mastered by Martin Cederholm.

Tapes and files can be bought on the label’s Bandcamp page:

It is also available for download on my own Bandcamp page:

For those vaguely interested in process and tools used:
Pretty much all recordings have been resampled via Supercollider, usually a very, very simple sampler that doesn’t do much in terms of mangling. I’ve just gotten so used to Supercollider that I go for that when I even need basic sampling needs, which just renders the DAW a glorified master tape deck at times. Some “generative” pattern mangling, just nudging files around ever so slightly, sent out to two units: a Revox reel to reel tape deck feeding back and a Dynacord Echocord Super 76 spring verb + tape delay, sometimes in a subtle cross-feedback configuration.

I hope you’ll enjoy it

All the best.


Congratulations on the release!

Beautiful work as usual. The atmosphere of the opener is especially nice.

Thanks for the comments. For those interested, here’s a desk recording from last night’s gig.
Some things related to the release in timbre, some not.