Marc Hasselbalch - "Scapellotto"

Hello. I have released three pieces digitally on Bandcamp. All made using source material recorded in the BEA5 studio at The Institute of Sonology in Den Haag between September and November 2020. I was an exchange student there and I was, despite the covid restrictions, able to record quite a lot of material in the wonderful studio. The pieces are mainly sourced from various feedback patches (I think I have the patch diagrams somewhere), that I recorded longer takes of and then resampled using a simple Supercollider patch and was then assembled on a computer, i.e the first pieces is quite mangled from the Supercollider patch without trying to change the overall sound and impose too many digital timbre alterations whilst the second piece is a more raw take with only Supercollider sampling happening as an additional element.

I’ve got a lot of material that I will try to structure and assemble when I have the time. This is purely the sound of the BEA5 studio, and I would like to have other interspersed material on other pieces.

I hope you’ll enjoy the pieces. Take care.

All the best.


Delightfully eerie sounds!

Feel free to keep it a secret :slight_smile: but I’m wondering if you’d be willing to talk more about what the Supercollider patch is doing in these tracks? Starting to dive into sampling with SC myself so I’m particularly interested in what others are doing.

Great work!

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