Marc Méan - "Collage"

I am releasing today my first solo ambient album. The album is centered around the ciat-lonbarde cocoquantus and tape manipulations.
The album is the result of improvisation and experiments recorded in the last 6 months that were later put together in two 20 minutes tracks hence the name « Collage »

Marc Méan : Ciat Lonbarde Cocoquantus, Piano, Juno 106, Reel to Reel Tape, Cassette & FX

Recorded & Mixed by Marc Méan
Mastered by Kassian Troyer
Art + Design by Zach Schiermann

Have a good listen!


hello. This sounds great. I have nabbed a cassette and look forward to its arrival so I can play it on my cassette deck and relack.

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Saw this on instagram and purchased right away. Time to tune in and listen while at work right now. Cheers. How do you like the cocoquantus? I keep thinking about getting one, but still a bit hesitant.

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I love the cocoquantus! It’s a great instrument if you want to stay surprised while playing, it never sounds the same and it sounds so warm!

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Stunning works. Just picked up the tape!

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Also saw this on instagram. As a big Ciat user and fan, this is fantastic, amazing work. Would loved to have bought the tape, but got this digitally due to my location

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surely you mean relacks


This sounds great and really gives off a certain warmness.

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Great sounds. For a collection of various experiments, you’ve put them together in a very harmonious way.

Nah. I was listening to Hot 97 radio in Raleigh, NC and the announcer pronounces “relax” as “relack.”


“The dress code? Relack.”

I have adopted this mode.