Marc Merza - Desolation Tape

don’t post here as much, but wanted to post my latest album because the lines/norns community directly influenced and inspired most of the process of making it.

“cycle one” was created with cheat codes primarily processing clarinet and “vesper” was a tape loop thrown into compass.

a little snippet from the mission statement of the record:

Desolation Tape was created under the extremities of loneliness and desperation. It was recorded at PAM Residencies in Highland Park, Los Angeles. Principal recording was done between May 2nd, 2020 and May 6th, 2020, and was subsequently mixed and mastered until completion on May 11th, 2020. The record was mastered onto 1⁄2” tape by Rick Spataro in Albany, New York.

Sonically, it is an exploration in clarinet loops, nylon guitar, kulintang and granulized samples. The objective was to build aural landscapes for the listener to submerge themselves and get lost in.

All proceeds for the record (both physical and digital) are being donated to Philippine-based relief organizations during this time.

find more of my sonic explorations on my instagram


yo marc!

welcome :smiley: and thanks for posting about this

i’d picked it up but need to revisit the works and spend time absorbing what you crafted


thank you! yeah, tapes are being released soon and i’m excited to hear since i mastered it to 1/4" tape. the process for making the record was pretty instantaneous as well/i tracked most of it live and in a few days.

also! been lurking this place for awhile, sometimes i pop my head in, but i’m ready to interact!


tapes are in! 100% of the proceeds go to two Philippine based organizations; Caritas Manila (which provides hygiene kits and food for families in need) and Philippine Nurses Association of America (continuing to provide PPE for frontline workers). love yall!