Marco Lucchi & itwasthewires - isolation/collaboration

marco lucchi & itwasthewires - 2020

Marco and I have been mutual admirers on Soundcloud for a long time, but had never made a connection. During the COVID lockdown, Marco reached out to me across the seas and we began a series of (personally) deeply satisfying works. In addition to being a very accomplished musician, Marco has a wonderful compositional sense and a great ear. And maybe most importantly, an ability to, for lack of a better term, finish my musical sentences. It’s been a pleasure to make these, and I hope that you will also enjoy them in some way. Thanks for taking the time to listen.

Track Notes:

Adagio for Mellotron and Modular synthesizer - Marco plays some beautiful Mellotron over the top of my modular soundscape centered around maths, brain seed and pluck (inspiration from Comparative Irrelevance’s 3-Module patch series).

A Postcard on Death & Dying - Improvised modular (brain seed and pluck again primarily) over the top of a wonderful driving drone that Marco created.

electronic meditation study #1 - Another take on the drone created in the above track, this time with subtle Felt Instruments strings over the top.

Pompeii - Marco playing a nice ring-modulated arp over the top of me sequencing (primarily) Disting EX piano multi-samples with Marbles.

bedroom music study #1 - More Disting piano over top of a lovely wistful drone created by Marco.

Ama no gawa (Naviar Haiku # 333) - Another Disting piano piece (this time sequenced by Ansible Kria) that Marco layered over with various synths.

Solace - Kria-sequenced Disting EX over which Marco layered some beautiful synths and found sounds. It ends with a spoken word section by Ryuichi Sakamoto during his Playing Piano for the Isolated.

A lightning bolt (Naviar Haiku # 337) - A nice mixture of synth drones (mine done on Arturia Microfreak). There is additional synth work by Milan Mastalka on this as well.

Creeping over the water [Naviar Haiku # 338] - marbles sequencing Disting EX piano multisamples floating over some nice drones and sequences created by Marco.

Teoria dell’Oscurità - Make Noise Tempi sequencing Disting EX SD 6 Triggers program (using custom samples) with some scratchy una corda samples underneath some nice synth drones from Marco.

Edit: added links where appropriate


I really enjoyed this :pray: so much for sharing! made my day :slight_smile:
nice sounds, melodies and textures. just my cup of tea :green_heart:

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That’s great to hear, thanks! :slight_smile:

Really fantastic collabs in that playlist! Thanks for sharing.

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Great stuff in here! Really nice to hear an international collab from lockdown period. Appreciate all the notes you’ve made on each piece too.

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@encym @Puscha I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment, it means a lot to me, so thanks!


just discovered :slight_smile: thank you for the kind words … it has been - and it still is - a very good thing to meet your music … a presto for new works … ciao :slight_smile: