Marcus Fischer - 08.09.19 NYC/Whitney

Hello all.
Just wanted to let the NYC lines community folks know I’ll be performing a multichannel live set at the Whitney Museum on Friday August 9th.
Please come say hello!

Info is here:

FYI: The show on the 8th is only for the blind / low vision community and is sold out.
Also, if anyone would like to come but can’t afford a ticket please get in touch.


That’s really great. The art world needs more of this.

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Thanks. Accessibility is really important.

I think we can all think about ways in which our work either includes of excludes different groups of people.

Patricia Wolf / Variform curated this night of all sub bass performances as a way of being inclusive to the deaf community.

It included the work + performance by Myles De Bastion who is a deaf artist and whose work with Cymaspace has been responsible for some wonderful sound reactive light installations
I thought it was a fantastic piece of curation.


The show last night had an amazing light show courtesy of a thunderstorm that rolled in during my set. The theater has a giant set of windows that look across to New Jersey which disappeared completely from rain fog and lightning and then inexplicably cleared up the moment I finished my set.

I never thought I’d say this but …

I’m hoping for some bad weather tonight :crossed_fingers:t4: