Marcus Fischer in the Whitney Bienniel


At the risk of embarrassing a humble and brilliant member of this community:

Scroll down; you will see a tape loop.

Congrats, @marcus_fischer!


Came across this other angle


Thanks so much.
Just got back to portland. It was a really surreal and inspiring time spent in NY.
Really interested to see what happens next :grimacing:


I guess if I want to interview you, now’s the time, before you get too famous! :smiley:

Jokes apart, congratulations!

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as a friend of Marc’s and a person who’s watched him perform/performed with him, i can honestly say he deserves this.

if you haven’t checked out his livesets, you really should. or anything he touches <3


Looks like a beautiful installation. Immediately brings to mind this work by Rosa Barba:



As someone entrenched on the east coast I will say I’m very jealous of you Portland and PNW folks who have access to Marcus’ live performances on a somewhat regular basis. I made the trip out to see him perform with Hotel Neon last year and it was more than memorable.

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