Marcus Fischer in the Whitney Bienniel

At the risk of embarrassing a humble and brilliant member of this community:

Scroll down; you will see a tape loop.

Congrats, @marcus_fischer!


Came across this other angle


Thanks so much.
Just got back to portland. It was a really surreal and inspiring time spent in NY.
Really interested to see what happens next :grimacing:


I guess if I want to interview you, now’s the time, before you get too famous! :smiley:

Jokes apart, congratulations!


as a friend of Marc’s and a person who’s watched him perform/performed with him, i can honestly say he deserves this.

if you haven’t checked out his livesets, you really should. or anything he touches <3


Looks like a beautiful installation. Immediately brings to mind this work by Rosa Barba:

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As someone entrenched on the east coast I will say I’m very jealous of you Portland and PNW folks who have access to Marcus’ live performances on a somewhat regular basis. I made the trip out to see him perform with Hotel Neon last year and it was more than memorable.


Thanks Adam. It was great to finally meet you last fall.
Will I see you August 9th?

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Thanks Jon.
That means a lot to me :pray:t4::v:t4::+1:t4:

Wow, Marcus! I hadn’t heard but tickets are purchased and I’m making offerings to the fates that the stars will align. :pray:t2:

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Finally done with the big pre summer work crunch and made if ou today. @marcus_fischer beautiful work! Is that Kambui’s voice I hear? The counterweight/spool is a very nice touch.

The piece in the stairwell is fantastic, a welcomed calming presence in such a busy show.

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Oh thanks! That means a lot to me!

Yes that’s kambui on there.
It was great to see him again. I got him on the list for the opening party :slight_smile:

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