Mark Eats / 2020 EPs

This year I set myself the goal of putting out four EPs, one for each season. Well, over the past three months the summer one grew a little and became a 30 min mixed record instead.

With lockdown, friends and I began to miss going to shows so we started playing improvised sets to each other every week via Twitch. Club tunes for lounging in our apartments. I re-structured ideas from those sessions into one continuous piece, although I must admit it ended up having more distinct ‘song’ sections than intended.

Would love to hear what people think!

Gear talk! Fairly small setup for this to stay focused:
Cirklon, BugBrand (Synth Voice + some extras), Nord Drum 2.
Lexicon PCM81, OTO BIM and BOUM, Valhalla VintageVerb and Super Massive.

I’m planning to play a live version of this record on Fri July 10th on Twitch.


Gonna jam this tomorrow. Will report back.


This has been a wonderful soundtrack to my morning!


I’ve been very much enjoying this! A great example of the range our tools can have. There’s so much here for a relatively “paired down” setup. How is your experience with the Cirklon? Seems like a wonderful piece of gear!

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Well it’s a setup that’s small in size but vast in function. I’m all about the Cirklon, I think it sort of demands to be the center of things to get the most out of it and I use it from start to finish.

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Just added a new EP to my 2020 seasonal collection, six tracks recorded over the past three months :fallen_leaf: :upside_down_face:


And I’m finishing up 2020 with a fourth EP, this time of bootleg remixes :slight_smile:

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