Mark Eats Clips - Ableton clip launcher for grids

Here’s a new tool that might be useful to some of you. This started off life as a mod of Terms Launchd, although ended up with very little of that patch left in it. Anyway, it’s a Max for Live patch for controlling Ableton’s session view from a monome grid. I call it Mark Eats Clips.

Download here, user guide included:

Source here, branches and pull requests welcome:

I’m sure there’s a fair few bugs so let me know how you get on!


That M4L patching is beautiful - anyone wanting to get a handle on how to access the Live API, this is a really clearly set out case study. Really nice app. Thank you.


Love your device and have been using it for a long time with my 256 vb, so first of all: Thank you! :slight_smile:
Now, I frequently use groups within groups (drums(midi(midi1,midi1))(audio(audio1,audio2))) and unfortunately “eats clips” doesn’t detect those when collapsed, most probably because groups within groups only came with Live 10.
I opened your patch and tried to find out if I could fix this myself but my m4l skills are still very much lacking.
Also the Launchpad mini I have, detects and shows clips on nested groups properly, so I know that it is possible.
So if you @markeats or anybody else could chime in, I would be grateful! :slight_smile:
Best from Cologne!

oh and also: If there was an option to enable the selection of a clip when triggering it (like launchpad), that would be great as well.

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Yes that makes sense. These kind of patches that do a lot with the LOM aren’t exactly the most fun to edit I have to say.

It’s not something I’ll be able to look at any time soon but if someone else does make an update I’m happy to review PRs etc.


Thanks for replying!
I will continue trying to do it myself :thinking::nerd_face::blush: and hopefully get something done.