Mark Eats Sequencer update: Now with CC sequencing

New build is up now!

Main changes are:

  • Notes can now each have two modulation values associated with them that can be sent out as MIDI CC values. The values are set via two new sliders in note edit mode and the desktop UI is used to set destinations per page. You can also un-tick ‘send notes’ for a page so it only sends modulation values (the note pitch becomes irrelevant).

  • Custom MIDI channels for each page. This makes it easier to create polyrhythms by sending the output of several pages to the same channel. It also works well in companion with the CC sequencing – use one page to send notes and another to modulate the same instrument with a different loop length.

Small stuff:

  • CC outputs for grid tilt can be customised in Preferences. Mapping the same output to both directions along one axis will combine them.
  • Note edit mode sliders now always appear at the top of the grid
  • Workaround for SerialOSC sometimes returning an invalid grid size. Sequencer will now ask for the size to be entered manually if need be rather than defaulting to 8x8.
  • Fixed bug whereby documents wouldn’t always fully unload causing weird flickering on the grid when working with multiple documents
  • Fixed bug that caused some keyboard inputs not to work with multiple documents open
  • UI tweaks and fixes
  • Performance improvements to desktop UI

There’s quite a lot of new code in here so please report any bugs you find :slight_smile:


Woohoo! So far so good. Thank you so much for CC and MIDI channels, gonna have fun with this one.

Wow Mark, this is a gamechanger, for my process anyway. Thanks so much.

I do wish though that there was an option to translate note values directly to CC, it would make setting CC values much faster and more intuitive, and more like using an analogue sequencer in modular. Especially since they are both set on a grid of 16 values.

But even this version is really great. Even just the ability to set midi channels changes the whole complexion of it. Thanks again!

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Woooooo I’m very excited to try this out

Cool! Actually doing it that way was my first thought but this setup allows for 3x the amount of stuff to fit – 2 modulation busses + pitch per page. It also translates better to a 128 where you have more resolution on the horizontal.

A huge thank you for the CC’s exactly what I was needing!!!

Good points Mark and, as I said, it’s far from a complaint :slight_smile: What I’m doing is setting up a couple of pages which have just a single note on each step (the same one along the bottom, since I don’t actually use the note values), and set the CC’s there, then I can map and randomise them as I want.

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Well I’m gobsmacked. Maybe everyone else knows this already, but I’ve found that it’s possible to run multiple documents (i.e. sets of pages/patterns, with all their settings) with different clock speeds for each document. This is huge.


I did not know that!

Pushed a small update to Sequencer live today, nothing major but wanted to get it out there as the first change I’ve been sitting on for too long, and the second is macOS 10.13 specific.

Build 21:

  • Tweaks to the way automation is recorded (actions happen based on current quantization settings and act more like ‘live’ presses).
  • Minor fix to display pattern numbers correctly on macOS 10.13

Happy sequencing! :smiley: