Martebar - Information Burnout

Hi everybody,

I released a techno album a few weeks ago. It was all made in a month during the quarantine period here in France and the track titles are reflective of this.

In the beginning of this period, I was struggling a lot with my music and felt the impact on my mental health. My laptop screen was malfunctionning, I took it as an opportunity to go the “dawless” route for a while, with next to no output and little fun, but still insisting. Feels like a first world problem, but I really felt bad with how it turned out, so one day I stopped and unplugged everything. After a while, I opened my laptop again and what do you know, everything was running perfectly, so I started making music in the box again and everything felt so much better that way, making music much faster, feeling creative and challenged in the right way. I wrote a track a day for a month, it was such a great way to let off steam!
And so this is a selection from that pile of track, everything was made super quickly.

So this is not a “in the box vs out the box” type of message, I just want to say that you should do whatever feels best, especially in this moment. As a hobby, music making should be an outlet and make you feel good, that’s what I felt I got back to and the output is just a nice side effect.

Anyway, hope you like it!


Hey everybody ! Juste a little post to show you my new techno EP, hope you’ll like it !


Hey everybody, here’s the brighter follow up to my EP from two weeks ago! Very happy to finally release these tracks!