8 peak resonator for norns

massif is a simple wrapper around the dynklank supercollider ugen. there are 8 resonators, each with tunable frequency, amplitude, and ring times. massif works best when utilizing an external controller, though it is not required.

i made this a while ago and never got around to sharing :sweat_smile:


16n is great with massif, but not at all necessary.



  • key 1 = alt


  • key 2 = tunes all peaks to random notes of your selected scale, based on the pitch at the left input

nb: set your scale selection in the parameters menu

hold alt and press key 3 to enter edit mode.


  • key 2 = tune current peak to the pitch at the left input

  • key 3 = hold and play a midi note to tune current peak to the midi note

  • alt + encoder 1 = peak select 1 - 8

  • encoder 1 = frequency

  • encoder 2 = amplitude (be careful with this one, it can get loud)

  • encoder 3 = ring time/decay time




Oh nice! I am looking forward to checking this out! Thanks for sharing it.


Does Massif have any visual screen feedback for changes I make via the encoders? I feel like I’m missing something?

EDIT: huh, having to hold k1, press k2 and turn e1 to get the redraw to start happening and get me into the per band in script parameter edit screens.

yeah, that’s just how it works. :sweat_smile: i only use massif with a midi controller attached, so never really change stuff from the norns interface. if you’d rather it start up in that other mode, it’s a super simple change.

Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 4.49.13 PM

change the number on line 17 from 0 to 1


This is simple and really fun! Makes 16n feel like a sonic butterknife.


glad you’re getting some use out of it! the 16n really is a wonderful companion to massif :slight_smile:


Had some fun mucking around though didn’t really nail my 16n mapping to feel totally natural - any tips?

i generally use 8 faders for frequency and 8 for ring times. what have you been trying?

maybe i should add my mapping in as a default? would anyone be interested in that?

Ah that makes sense, mapped that way and had a joyous little hour with Nanoloop.

I was confused with my mapping in combo with not realizing the UI wouldn’t live update. All good now thanks!

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Sure. I imagine adding 8&8 / freq&time would suit most (if not all) practical scenarios I can imagine. Currently have it set for freq&amp for moderate drum chimes thou.

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I actually landed on Freq&Amp myself :slight_smile:


Lovely beats, very beautiful! How do I get this app? It’s not on Maiden?

Try entering the following in Maiden:


(It goes in the command line at the bottom of the Maiden screen).

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@DoS is right, use the ;install command via the maiden REPL. it’s really such a simple script that i never added it into the maiden project manager. i guess i should rectify that :cowboy_hat_face:

edit: just added it to the community catalog and sent the PR should be in there soon-ish :smiley:

Edit the second: this is in the maiden project manager now!


Thanks! Sounds super lovely in your og demo!