Massive sale, including Walnut Arc4, Grid128, Ansible, Teletype


First of all…I’m not getting ‘out of the game’! I maintained two systems for a few years and I’m getting rid of one entire setup. It’s all good!

I request $10 for domestic shipping and contact me for international quote.

Macbeth Micromac-R $1750
4MS PEG (factory built) $290
Shapeshifter. $450
Planar $300
Synth tech Multi VCO $180
Teleplexor. $90
Manhattan audio vca. $80

Teletype $400
Monome Grid 128 last wood version $630
Monome Arc4 last wood version. $720


Forever wishing I could justify buying an Arc :frowning: So very beautiful…


Just shot you a note via Reverb.


Just ordered one of the two Ansibles. Many thanks. Looking forward to it.


Thanks! I’ll make sure it ships out Monday.


Super. Much appreciated.


I’m interested in the Arc and the remaining Ansible, I’ll send over a PM.


Got my Ansible today. Many thanks.


updates as of 8/20. added macbeth. :frowning:


Hi, is the Macbeth still available, it is not on Reverb. I am actually in Germany but travelling through Chicago coming weekend, so I could take it along back home. Do you have pictures of the unit I could have a look at. Thanks, Alex


It is available. I was going to put it on reverb later today. I will do that and put some pics up!


Sorry, I’ve been pre-occupied with other things this week, but if you’re still interested in the Micromac, here are a couple of pics.