materialsGIRL - new discourse community

Very much inspired by this site and the wonderful community that monome has built over the last (almost?) decade, I’ve decided to launch a new discourse site loosely centered around materials science: materialsGIRL. There is so much activity online openly discussing software, hardware, math, music, particle physics…why not chemistry? why not materials science?

There are currently only a few discussion topics, I want the structure and content to evolve with the interests of the users. Please take a peek, sign up if you’re interested, and join/start the discussion. I’m certain there will be overlapping interest between these communities, and more certain that I have no idea what it is. Don’t be shy, we’ve got one music app-related post already :wink:

What is the proper modulus of a silicone monome grid button?

(PS: put this in Tech since I think it falls into the ‘DIY’ category. Happy to move to ‘uncategorized’ upon request)


very cool to see @mfelix getting into recycled materials! check out his new company - just in time to recycle your horrible holiday sweaters!

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that’s rad! i’ve been into “plarn” lately

probably wouldn’t be hard to automate

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out of curiosity - what kinds of things have you made with plarn? i’m imagining a crinkling, uncomfortable plarn-knit cap…

Just… Stuff. I like plarn because it can be big and ragged or clean as you like. I like to knit binary cell automata. Functionally, its good for bags, curtains, hanging substrates for e.g. deerhorns… Structural / sculptural, not textile / apparel.