Matric Screensaver

A norns screensaver with sounds.

This is my first experiment using sounds, I feel like I might make quite a few of these simple examples until I have something that can truly be called an Application. Shall I make new threads for each, or is there a thread where people share small sketches?

This is based off the fourWaves example.

  • Keys to reset the prism.
  • Scrolls to change the gravity.
  • No dependencies.

Download Matric

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i absolutely love this! would love to see anymore you do in a similar fashion!

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Norns is also a 3D console now!

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This is wonderful! You are really doing some inspiring stuff :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thanks! Can’t wait to dig in. These are fantastic because it gives me something i can “study” on top of the official studies!

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The download link no longer works sadly.