Matrix mixers

Will they be available for sale?

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Oh my. This is very much right up my alley. I currently run a main mixer for straight audio and have the two aux outs routed into an old 1202 that is wired up as a feedback mixer. Having CV control over this is a long time dream.

@nff the more I look at your stuff the more I realize how much your design approach mirrors what I see in my brain. Very excited to see how this turns out.

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We’ve been working on this for a while with @emenel , turned out this type of layout brings on the table the best of both worlds, you have a “regular” mixer, PLUS matrix routing. And of course you can choose the size of both, depending on your needs.
I’ll make sure to post the results here! Thanks for the interest!


yepp available for sale, get in touch at !

EDIT: I can’t post more than 2 consecutive replies here in the forum, so I’ll write here in response at @horridus as well: Of course you can ask, no problem! I build custom units, so every unit has its price, get in touch and I’ll be glad to tell you the price of that unit and we can discuss customization for your specific needs as well.


Not sure this is minimal, but since it was mentioned earlier I thought I’d share it back here. If anyone wants to talk about the details or it gets too much we can spin off a new thread.

My mixer from @nff arrived today, and it is awesome.

I just started setting it up in the studio, so more to come as I try new techniques. I might also add some simple graphics/labels on the panel for certain functions.


I think that’s one for the maximal mixers thread.


Would love an overview of this beauty


I dont care where we talk about it, but I would love to talk about it :slight_smile:

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The best overview is probably from @nff’s mock-up with annotations.

The built in VCAs are superb, probably my favourite VCA in my whole system. There’s a attenuverter to allow for negative voltages to “duck” the signal, and a knob to adjust the decay of the VCA which makes them perfect for percussive sounds.

The faders on the matrix mixer allow me to adjust how much of each column is mixed back into the master outputs along with the main channels.

The sends on each channel adjust the amount of that signal that put goes into each row of the matrix mixer, and the matrix is wired for feedback loops if desired (the white knobs on the matrix).

It looks kind of “maximal,” but it’s actually a pretty stripped down design compared to the standard console style mixer.

Happy to answer any specific questions!


congratulations! this looks fantastic
your names on the spec sheet, custom
nice work @nff

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Lovely!! Any chance of a video walkthrough once you’ve feeling at home with it? And is it bad form to ask what that cost?


I’ll definitely do a short video once everything is set up and I’ve learned some tricks :slight_smile:

In terms of cost, I’ll just say that it’s more than an off the shelf standard mixer, but not so much more that it’s out of reach :yum:


Are those banana inputs I see?

Yes, banana inputs for audio and also banana cv inputs for the per channel VCAs.

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oh boy that’s awesome! curious for sure…

After the interest shown for some of my mixery creations, I though I’d make a separate post to show some of my latest creations and to talk more generally about matrix mixing, usage ideas, interface design, and signal freedom philosophy.

Let’s start with that last one, then!
Here some pictures!
The idea behind this unit is to have both a “regular” mixer and a matrix, so you can use it as your main and only mixer for performing and recording.
The left part is the “regular” side, inputs with various types of buffered connectors, a Pluck’n’Duck VCA for each channel (works with audio and CV as control, and can act as a regular VCA or a side-chained compressor).
Then a global gain control (+/-14dB), 4 AUX sends, PFL, mute and a 7.5mm master fader.
In the right section things become more interesting, this is the AUX matrix, here you can basically route any signal to any effect in any order and amount, all without disconnecting anything. Of course you can also generate feedback (the “feedback path” is marked by the white knobs here) And if you keep all the knobs in the aux matrix down, you can still use the aux send-return as if it were a normal mixer.

I’d be happy to answer any question and talk about ideas, and maybe also post more matrix mixers here!

Set your signal free :fist:


I’ve long wanted a good stereo matrix mixer in a small form factor. It might be the next thing I have custom made, since that seems to be the only way. (Other than Eurorack, which I don’t do.) I am kind of amazed that with every possible device available for sale, something so simple is missing in action.


Alessio is a great guy to deal with and his work is outstanding i got a 8*8 matrix eurorack compatible from him, really happy with it!


Passive, pretty compact* 5x5 matrix mixer that I made…

Not for those with fat fingers!! No case because, well, I’m not very good at them :slight_smile:

*(Less than 100mm on each side)


here is a small 3x3 I made as part of a series of little minijack tools.

@jonsimon have you ever tried passing control voltages through that Mackie? I’m curious if it would work.