Matt Lowery- "Last Light"

Hi Everyone-

I’m releasing a single today called “Last Light” which I’d like to file away under the genre “Sweater Weather Music” :grinning:.

It’s a track that combines the kind of textural exploration I’ve been mulling over by way of Cocoquantus, Serge, and other noisy/sputtery things with a solid grove underneath (provided by Joshua Van Tassel). Mixed at my studio and mastered by @taylor12k.

I hope you enjoy. The track is free, so I’m not posting download codes this time around. Happy to answer any questions! My favorite part of any release is shooting the breeze here with you folks.


Great track
It’s a windy rainy day here and this is perfect :ok_hand:

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Great track Matt - I’ve been enjoying your Instagram clips as well - lot’s of really good, heartfelt stuff :sun_with_face:

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cheers, loving this here in Austin

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Great !
The sound, composition, and drums… I really like it.
The bass sound is so good .

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@alley_cam thanks for listening! Glad it hit right.

@tournesol ah, thank you so much! I really appreciate you being along for the ride.

@acajide cheers from OKC, I-35 pal! Thanks for listening

@Laurent-wild thanks so much. The bass is from a Moog Sub 25; it’s such a monster.


Really enjoying this. The bass is heavy!

This is one of your more structured works i think? How do you know when to draw the line under a composition and know when it’s done?


Definitely as of late! I started working on it about a week after returning from my first real vacation in a few years, and I suppose I was feeling a bit more structured as a human being. It was kind of fun juxtaposing a very straightforward beat and baseline against a bunch of spacey coat lonbarde and serge stuff!.

hmmm, honestly, I am a lifelong “add too much stuff” composer, and have developed a sense for when I’m approaching that limit. Once I get to that place, I peel a few layers off and add them back in gradually as the song progresses. Then I get the song to a place I’d consider “finished”, and put it away for a week or two. When I eventually listen to it again, I either agree with my former self, or realize there’s a bit more work to do. The distance helps a lot.


really enjoyed this! Added it to my library. Are there any specific Serge techniques you used on this track? Gotta love that Moog bass.

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Thanks for listening! You know, I forgot to jot down patch notes, and I’m kicking myself because I really enjoyed the territory that the serge got into for this song. :expressionless:

I really like those croaky frog noises and have no clue how I made them!

that’s my favorite part of the track - would love to know the secrets of frog synthesis if u ever stumble into them again :frog: :frog: :frog: