Matthewdavid's Mindflight - Texture Analyzer

taking a bit of time to share sounds w. the lines community. long time overdue, and i feel lucky to be a part of the monome/max (and hopefully soon norns) community of next level sound design that i feel is sacred and special. gratitude & blessings!

i’ve been (slowly) developing a new Mindflight record conceptualized around mushrooms., particularly mycelium, and even more specifically - simply - what the network sounds like. through endless ableton, max patches, and monome app exploration over these years ((mlr, re:mix, granulator, ultomaton, etc)) its become more of a sonic mission to tap-in. feel like subconsciously this mission has been driving a lot of my sound exploration for over a decade now, but moreso lately its revealing itself in a fuller, mature, more-defined form and focus. its not really rocket science ; - ) i just really know now that i feel a purpose to create sound art that communicates connectivity. more soon, for now, the link below. thanks for listening.


absolutely be cultivating fungal approaches if this track is where you find yourself


Thanks for sharing Matthew. Great to have you on the forum!

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Thanks for sharing!

In the subject of creating under the influence, I still haven’t done that but I plan on soon, does anyone have any recommendations on setting up a good music-making experience while on mushrooms or other hallucinogens?

Would love to hear some more stories from other people too!

Also I’m pretty new here too so I hope that I’m not derailing here.

Wow. This seriously does evoke the sound of mushrooms communicating. Like listening in on a conversation from another species. Some other kind of intelligence.

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rrr whoops?
the process of this piece was something i forgot to mention entirely - and was the main thought of posting this in the first place, but im happy i got into the philosophy … win win … anyhoo …

i was playing an improvised set music and spiritual mentor Carlos Niño at the Ace hotel in Palm Springs CA for an Earth Day event – i had a weird weekend, so this piece being made from that weird weekend was important i feel… so near the end of our set i began live-sampling across a few octaves (via re:mix monome m4l device) the abstract bubblies & squishies generated by the modulation section of the live 10 echo device, “x4” time function engaged, mod time ramped high, probably 100%. i had recording the set that day – and i was excited to listen back , this end section was truly intriguing for sure. when i got to my home in LA, i began re-sampling the end section further (via granulator ii m4l device). stretching the live recording source across more octaves, adding stereo width and various granulating randomizations. this was the end result – i hadnt really made anything like it before, and i dont think i would have ever made it if it werent for the monome, and the deep audio processing zone of patches and apps it inhabits.


hey hey youre not derailing :slight_smile: so my topic of mushroom music isnt directly related to the creative endeavors of and on *psilocybin, but! encompasses it surely – i find its totally a way to tap-in to the network, and that may seem obvious. lately ive been super sober on saturday afternoons under this tree in the park improvising, feeling tapped in just from recurring sessions of nature music zones and community of diverse humans occupying the nature space as the music is being created on the spot - feeling v. connected that way.
but back to your question - ive had lots of experience w making music while tripping on mushrooms. solitude and space is important i find, also preparation is pretty clutch. give yourself time - like a whole day, and before you dose, set up your gear rig ahead of time ; - ) my album Outmind was made during a period of recreational psilocybin experimentation and meditative solace, maybe give it a listen if you havent heard it & perhaps you can pick up on that vibration. i will say its a document that is noisey, and dense, almost feels punk to me - but i was seeking something (still am!)… and through that mushroom experimentation period i found a newness that was pretty life-changing for me.


Not sure if you’re aware but I believe the og monome boxes had an image of a mushroom network printed on them. Seems pertinent somehow.

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