Max 5 and Max 7 on Linux using Wine

Just wanted to let everyone who’s interested in this know that pretty much all Max 5 patches run without issues on Linux using current (2.19+) wine and that it’s now also possible to run Max 7 patches on Linux without any major issues as well :slight_smile:
I believe Max 6 should work as well but haven’t tested that since AFAIK there’s no reason to use it over Max 7.

I’ll update the wine appdb entry with instructions once I’m done with testing all kinds of wine versions/vanilla/staging/etc.

Basically what you’ll need is a recent wine version (I’ve tried 2.19, to be specific I used wine-staging) and this pretty ugly hack/patch to make sure Max7 doesn’t crash when you open a drop-down menu.
I’m hoping we’ll get to a point where this patch is no longer necessary but that will depend on either Cycling '74 or the wine devs. I’m already in touch with the wine devs and I’ll send a message to Cycling '74 to see if they are open to fixing the issue.

See shiny picture below of grainfields running in Wine whilst being controlled by a grid and outputting to JACK using wineasio :slight_smile: