[MAX 7] Arc LED Feedback

Hi All,

So I’ve been messing around with Arc (2011 pushbutton) recently and was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips on making interesting LED feedback using Max?

So far I’ve just been able to build the generic 0 -127 LED interface, (0 off through 127 on.) I’m looking at Ansible note mode as a starting point, something along the lines of a few LEDs one brightness, the remaining another, basically creating a LED object and adding a counter to this.

I’d like to hook this up to an LFO (perhaps BEAP) and the higher the value the quicker the leds would spin, and smaller the slower the spin. I have this part.

Is there any literature on this? I’ve looked at ArcHowTo.max but I’m a little nonplussed on the LED feedback TBH.

Any help is Muy apreciado…