Max 7 / M4L / Ableton - 64bit?

I moved over to a 64-bit version of Ableton and it can’t run Max4Live. If I upgrade to Max 7 will I be able to run my Max4Live patches?

Yes, you should be fine! Max 7 is not officially supported, but I’ve found it to work pretty flawlessly (at least relative to 6)

Live 9.x 64 bit does work with max for live, you may find that you have an older 32 bit version of max? If so you might just need to update to a newer 64 bit capable version of Max 6.

Max 7 Support is in the current Live 9.2 beta, there is a link on this page to join.


I was on Max 5 and on Live 8. I’m going to try Max 7 out, hopefully that makes it feasible to run everything at 64-bit.
Will I need to update to Live 9 as well?

I’m pretty sure the latest version max u can use with Live 8 is max 6.0.8

I’m seeing that now. I’m going to need to run Live9 to do it.
What about Pages? In 2013 it wasn’t possible to run the zerconf externals on 64-bit. Is there a way to do it now in 64-bit?