MAX 7 Reference app

Hello guys,

I want to share with you this app I built for Android.
It’s a MAX 7 complete reference guide, there’s the description of every single MAX, MSP and JIT object.
It took me about 8 months to finish and it was a really hard work since I’m not a pro Java programmer.
I decided to keep it completely free though, it’s ads-free and works offline. It’s just a gift for the MAX community that helped me a lot in the past years.

I hope someone will find this app useful, every kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated.



As someone still in the early stages of learning max, I think this will be super useful. Installing on my Pixel – if I run into any bugs I’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks!


Nice work - Works really well so far.

When I was starting to learn Max I printed the complete manual (I think there was a pdf around?) off and used to carry it on the bus! This would have helped then.

Having said that, poking through this is a nice distraction. And I just discovered bitsafe~ which I think I need…

Only thing I can suggest is a random pick button!


bravo…excellent work!

I’m now checking around for a convenient/equivalent app for ios devices


wonderful, thank you so much!

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I wanted something like this so much when I started out, I started trying to make my own using a study card app.

annoyingly I am no longer on android ( for the moment), but would be interested in a IOS version.


[quote=“hamildad, post:6, topic:8675”]
I started trying to make my own using a study card app.
[/quote]Had not even thought of this

I have Anki and several other study apps for learning languages but hadn’t tried using any as resources for learning max…fantastic idea!

what is a study card app?

I think the modern name is a flashcard app.

I could definitely use something like this, sad I’m on iOS, great job nonetheless, looks clean and simple

Grande. I will finally put that archived android device I have to good use. :slight_smile:

thank you guys for the support and the nice words <3


Yeah, me too. I was crazy about having a reference in my iPad, so I can keep studying while on the road. Any idea of how could this be done?

I just dug out the pdf version I mentioned:

Max 6, not half as nice as the app, but still better than nothing…

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Unluckily I’m not a professional programmer, my knowledge is limited on what I learn when I need to do something, so actually I don’t know if I can make a porting for iOS or if I need to make the same app from scratch, even if it seems a very little app there’s a lot of work to do and I do it in my spare time but I promise I’m going to collect infos on how to make it and try to build MAX Reference app for iOS :slight_smile:


An app for learning Max is a very good idea. Seems like it might be something c74 would be interested in contributing their professional programming to… if you sent them a proposal and could demonstrate how interested people would be in this. I’m also an ios person unfortunately… Thanks for starting this…

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