Max 8 release early 2018

It’s been brought up in the ableton 10 topic but I thought it should have a topic of its own, regarding how crucial it is to the monome ecosystem on computers. So here’s a topic for all the questions we might have about this, such as, how excited are you for this? I can see what kind of features I’d expect from Live 10 but what are you waiting from cycling on this Max 8 release? Have @tehn or others here had a preview of the changes or been consulted to ensure the monome packages transition happens elegantly? So many things!


i haven’t been working with c74 on max8 specifically.

i would however like to put energy into refining and improving the monome package for max-- which i could use help on if anyone has suggestions and/or patching time to contribute.


Native multithreading and any performance gains are high on my list of hopes. Better gen documentation too.

Otherwise I feel like c74 often come up with better ideas than me anyway… I’m still not using 7 to its potential in many ways.

I just hope they don’t break backward compatibility once again.


oh yeah. long live max 5! still want to mess with gen tho

Always interesting to see what new stuff will come up in a Max release (and what they’ll break!)
I have a suspicion that I’ll be stuck on Max 7 for quite some time as I’m running pretty old computers/OS and am slightly fearful as to what the system requirements will be.

I hope that this will be a true major release upgrade and not a way to sell something that will serve to improve the integration with Live… the announce of the launch of two major release (Live 10 and Max 8) at same time sounds strange

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I think it kinda makes sense if Live 10’s based on the new architecture, that they tried to release both at the same time, I don’t see that particular bit as a bad thing, more of a necessity and something they’ve been working on for quite some time now. We’ll see with the feature they offer. Although I admit more stability is my main concern, and yeah, no backward compatibility break would be wonderful.

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dup thread?, to this - Max 8 release early 2018

yes i totally overlooked the other one…