[Max] Arc Patch Programming Tips

In exploring the new arc via max, I’m coming up against some surely familiar territory. For example, I can easily overwhelm it/serialosc with too many update events.

Digging in to some old threads, I see folks have tackled similar issues before. From the archives:

and more recently:

Any new wisdom? Other threads of potential interest?

Besides using the more efficient map commands, are there are other approaches to avoid dropping messages?

Thanks in advance for any pointers!

(FWIW: I’d be happy to start collecting advice in a shared wiki if the interest is there.)


In that referenced thread I used “/grid/led/level/map” commands and I still overload the monome device (or serialosc) to the point that the device crashes. See tehn’s reply on using a timer and working with “dirty” flags to limit output rate:

I haven’t tried it but I’m quite sure it will make a difference.

One interesting reflection is also that I only seem to be able to crash the device when both encoders on my arc are rotated simultaneously. Each rotation in that code updated the grid with map commands.


Good to know. FWIW, liberal use of the change object (to avoid redundant refreshes) helped a lot for me in addition to map but I can reliably make things crash nonetheless.

As for @tehn’s suggestions, they sound spot on. If I make any useful headway, I’ll report back.


@Leverkusen’s questions about new arc experiences on the new arc recipients thread reminded me that I never followed up here. Anyway, the TL;DR is that rate-limiting via a timer (a la @tehn’s suggestion), worked great. :thumbsup:

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